The Norn Queen
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  • Aesir: Karnilla has the physical qualities of any Asgardian woman: exceptional durability, ability to lift 25 tons, immunity to disease and poison, and unusually fast reflexes. She ages slowly, over centuries instead of decades.
  • ** All-Speak: Karnilla can communicate in all of the languages of the Nine Realms, including all the languages of Earth, and various alien languages.
  • Sorceress: Karnilla's access to a vast array of mystic arts spans the conventional for Asgard to highly esoteric, especially in the darker arts of conjuration and transformation. Her power is equal to Loki but not surpassing Odin or his equals.
  • She can bond souls to prepared vessels in very elaborate rituals, creating an array of servants. She can use customized ritual to leave subjects in temporal stasis and asleep, selectively targeting multiple victims. She can twist deep illusions that ward places and people long-term. In addition to traditional Asgardian magic, Karnilla knows many practices from other realms, including darker arts. She has the rare gift of being able to cast spells across dimensions, making her exceptionally dangerous.
  • Divination: Divination is Karnilla's most powerful art, allowing her to scry targets in other dimensions and piercing wards, tracking subjects, or peering into the past and future using water as a favourite source. Given time, she can temporarily bless or curse something, lending it an advantage or suffering a string of terrible luck. Her prophecies by peering into the future tap into her training with the Norns and generally tend to be correct, though they have a great cost.
  • Illusion: Illusion is her other great gift. Karnilla is capable of casting illusions across entire nations, with enough effort. She can make it appear as though she has altered history, hide armies, and deceive all but the most perceptive and gifted of opponents.
  • Summoning: Summon various supernatural creatures from the different planes or form magical constructs. She prefers elemental servants but can use monsters or skeletons, and enhance them temporarily. Her summoned creatures usually demonstrate complete obedience.
  • Telepathy: Influence minds, inflict benign or malignant mental states, and alter a target's perceptions with mind control or telepathic spells (OOC: BY CONSENT).
  • Teleportation: Project herself astrally into dreams and across realms, teleporting her physical self and others over dimensions.
  • Transformation**: Transformations of herself or a target allow for cosmetic changes up to becoming an animal or other humanoid.


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