Spencer MacPherson
Spencer MacPherson as Kellan Miller
Name: Kellan Miller
Birthdate: 06/15/1946
Faction: Contingency Plan
Codename: Reflection
Position: Multitasker
Hometown: New York, NY
Partner(s): Victor Delano (Serendipity) Height: 5'10"
Father: (Alive) Weight: Unknown
Mother: (Alive) Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Kaleb/Echo (Twin) Eye Color: Blue
Children: NA


Kellan Miller grew up living a life of privilege. His folks are well to do and his father's family possesses a good deal of money, old money. As such, Kellan has wanted for little, growing up. A restless and precocious child, his raising was left mostly to the hired help. He shared little with his parents beyond holidays, events where his presence would be considered useful, and those few small things that each parent did with him. His father took him hunting to "build character" and his mother took him to social functions, mostly to alleviate her own boredom.

His mutation manifested when he first realized that some of the things he was replying to hadn't been spoken aloud by the people he was replying to. When he gathered he was picking up on other people's thoughts, he eventually learned that he could project those thoughts as well. Splitting his attention and mental functions in order to do homework, listen to the radio, and solve complex problems as well as hold a conversation happened almost without thinking about it, and now at his current level of ability, he can co-locate and create multiple copies/reflections of himself. There's no telling how far his mutation could go, but for now he's just managing to learn how to effectively utilize what he can do.

He grew up in New York City and went to a private school. He has a couple of siblings and he has a distant but cordial relationship with his family. He tends to turn to his peers for support more than his family. He has just graduated highschool and has found himself at loose ends, taking a year off, presumably, before starting college. It's time to find some adventure and trouble.

IC Events

  • One fateful day, Kellan meets Vic, Billy, and Teddy, and his life of secrecy is over. But there's ice cream, so that's okay!


  • Telepath: He can focus his mind and pick up surface thoughts of those around him and project thoughts/hold telepathic conversations. He can only do so with one person at a time, and they must be relatively nearby (within a city block).
  • Colocation: He can physically and mentally exist in more than one place at once. The doubles possess his full capabilities, but the copies share a single source of vitality and awareness between them. The copies appear, upon being willed into existance, close by and in exactly the same cloting/state as the original. They can then move about freely, change clothes, etc. When they flicker out, they flicker out including anything that appeared with them when they were created. Copies duplicate clothing only — items touching skin. No metallic objects. No weapons, gadgets, jewelry, etc.
  • Multitasking: He is capable of performing multiple mental tasks at once with one copy, or performing multiple mental and physical tasks by utilizing multiple copies of himself.



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