Matthew McConaughey
Matthew McConaughey as Lamont Cranston
Name: Lamont Cranston
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: Avengers
Codename: The Shadow
Position: Wealthy recluse
Hometown: London
Partner(s): NA Height: {$height}
Father: NA Weight: {$weight}
Mother: NA Hair Color: brown
Siblings: NA Eye Color: gray
Children: NA


"Above all remember this: that magic belongs as much to the heart as to the head and everything which is done, should be done from love or joy or righteous anger.

And if we honour this principle we shall discover that our magic is much greater than all the sum of all the spells that were ever taught. Then magic is to us as flight is to the birds, because then our magic comes from the dark and dreaming heart, just as the flight of a bird comes from the heart. And we will feel the same joy in performing that magic that the bird feels as it casts itself into the void and we will know that magic is part of what a man is, just as flight is part of what a bird is.

This understanding is a gift to us from the Raven King, the dear king of all magicians, who stands between England and the Other Lands, between all wild creatures and the world of men."

From The Book of the Lady Catherine of Winchester (1209-67), translated from the Latin by Jane Tobias (1775-1819)


His real name is Kent Allard, and he was born the third son of a minor member of British nobility. Happily, not a lineage that had dwindled into an ancient name and no money. He grew up in wealth and privilege….and his first dream was always flight. He was a civilian pilot nearly as soon as such things were possible….and when the first world war broke out, became a military aviator, ending the war with some renown as a dogfighter. Kent proved to have a talent for spycraft, and ended up on certain clandestine missions for the British and their allies.

Rather than return home after the war, he travelled, slowly falling into lower and lower company, and yielding to the dark impulses. The Lost Generation, they were named later….and he was certainly about as Lost as they come. After ending up in the far East, he fell in with a drug and gun runner named Lamont Cranston, who bore an odd resemblance to Cranston himself.

While flying in a shipment of guns as part of the Chinese civil war, they crashed in the high Himalayas. Allard woke to find himself in the care of a monastery at the edge of a high valley called Shambhala, with Cranston nowhere to be found. He had died in the wreck, Kent was told. Listless and ill-disposed to resume his old life, he ended up the student of one of the old holy men of the abbey….and slowly learned the various occult arts, and a form of magic, albeit one encrusted with centuries of particularly Tibetan tantra.

Eventually that life palled….and towards the end of the twenties, he found himself in New York, having renounced his old life as Kent, and wholly entered in to life as the Shadow. New York was full of its own forms of corruption….and rather than sit idly by, he built a secret identity as the Shadow, and a network of operatives to help him ferret out those hidden evils. He was the scourge of the darker streets of New York until the second World War. He ended up as an intelligence officer, working with the various Resistance factions. But by war's end, he was thoroughly sick of humanity - what use removing individual king pins and crime lords when even ordinary people were capable of such atrocities?

Back in New York, he threw himself into occult studies, rather than resuming his identity as the Shadow….and they eventually drew him to go wandering other worlds than Earth. He's spent the past several years abroad….very far abroad indeed. Only know has he sickened to the scent of the air of Earth, and returned to take up residence in New York again.

IC Events


  • *NOTE: All of the mental powers are basically assumed to work more or less wholly on NPCs, unless a given PC consents. ICly being too damn stubborn to be affected is entirely a reasonable excuse.*
  • Magic sense- He's got a version of the Sight. Limited, short range, but if he concentrates, he can see auras, wards, and spells left in place. It's impressionistic and not precise. If he's got time to focus and meditate, he can divine more deeply and see more clearly.
  • Near Immortality- He's not invulnerable….but as a result of some of the occult training and experiments he's conducted, left alone on his own, he ages at a miniscule fraction of human normal. Barring the kind of accidents and incidents that are almost inevitable in the life of an occultist, he may see several centuries. Odds are, something will get him first.
  • Memory Wipe- He can remove memories from the weaker-willed mortals (PCs' consent only, clearly). The older the memory, the harder it is….and it's a vague scouring away, like erasing part of a painting, rather than something surgically precise. The hypnotic qualities of the Girasol Ring help, as does any other aid to hypnosis - think the old swinging pendant trick - but he can do it without those, if need be. He can not alter and replace, however.
  • Psychic invisibility- His powers of mental domination allow him to cloud the sight of others. He can erase himself from their vision, or make them see him as somewhere other than he's physically present. He can not, however, fool mechanical eyes or traps. Cameras see him just fine, pressure plates react to his step, and light beams are cut by his passage.
  • Psychic illusion- He can also create mild illusions in nearly any sense - make a victim see a monster that isn't there, hear someone calling desperately who's nowhere near, smell the smoke of burning. Again, this does not apply to any physical means of surveillance. It's also relatively short range - he has to be close enough to have a fair idea of what they're seeing from their own perspective.
  • Mental domination- It's a brutally direct technique and one he very much prefers not to revert to unless he must, but he can simply turn or bend the minds of those weak enough. Everything from 'Not the droids you're looking for' on up. It only works on one at a time, though. He can't coerce a crowd.
  • Wards- He can, given time and effort, and helped by various occult implements, create wards. His, however, are only purely systems of either alarm or misdirection. He can create wards that alert him when various kinds of creatures are approaching or present….or some that will hide by misdirection. Nothing like a force field or defensive shield - he can't repel or damage an invader with them.
  • Telepathy- He can skim surface thoughts by concentration. Strictly one person at a time, and he's incapable of digging very deeply without first scratching up the relevant subject by one of his other techniques. He can also communicate mind to mind - it's easier if there's physical contact.
  • Moral Discernment- Evil that lurks in the hearts of men. We all know it. And it's true - he's been a very bad man himself, in his own time. And he's learned to recognize the stains and scars the various forms of human corruption leave, in both psyche and aura. Takes one to know one.



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