Carrion Crow
{$actor} as Lawrence Coleman
Name: Lawrence Coleman
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: NA
Codename: Carrion Crow
Position: Bellhop/Errand Boy
Hometown: Harlem, NY
Partner(s): NA Height: 5'10"
Father: NA Weight: 140 lbs.
Mother: Natasha Coleman Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Jelyssa Coleman, Darnell Coleman Eye Color: Brown
Children: NA


Lawrence works as a bellhop out of the Waldorf Astoria in Midtown. The job often requires him to travel all over the city in order to fulfill the high profile guests' often eccentric requests. A New York native, he lives far from the glamor attributed to his employers.

Lawrence grew up in West Harlem on the invisible border of Morningside Heights, where the culture of the Upper West Side begins to trickle in on the borough. In the shadow of wealth, Lawrence's family had no such thing. A single parent, Lawrence's mother worked long hours his entire life amidst chronic underemployment and unemployment. With three children to provide for, Lawrence's mother rented the same small apartment nearly his entire life.

As a child, Lawrence showed great academic promise but lacked for resources. In an environment where scraping up enough food to put on the table had to be made the priority, Lawrence's affinity for school went largely encouraged. Where his mother and older sister often turned to religion as a respite for their woes, Lawrence disappeared into the pages of library texts. He continued to excel academically until the age of 17 when his mutant abilities manifested amid a scuffle with a group of neighborhood bullies. The resulting stigma that he suffered amidst the hushed tones of his peers was enough to cause him to drop of out of high school entirely.

Although Lawrence is hardly ever seen very far from a book, he has never attempted to pursue furthering his education by any conventional means. Still residing in the same crumbling apartment building of his youth, he finds excuses to escape the reality of his situation fairly often. He does not use his mutant abilities often, preferring to keep his cards close to his chest unless he is otherwise morally obliged to act.

IC Events


  • Necroplasmic Wound Redistribution:
  • Lawrence is able to absorb necroplasm, the energy that is produced by dead and dying living tissue whether that be created through sickness or the result of direct physical damage. Once absorbed, he is able to redistribute this energy into other living organisms within the immediate vicinity.
  • In this manner, the negative effects of any damage incurred by a target are capable of being circumvented. This is with the exception of the negative effects of aging or the full scope of telepathic damage. Lawrence cannot reattach severed limbs or bring back the dead.
  • Lawrence requires physical contact with the wounded target in order to use his abilities.
  • Lawrence's abilities must be consciously activated and require enough concentration to leave him open to attacks of opportunity while in use. The effects are fast but not instantaneous. It can take a general amount of time proportionate to the amount of damage with mortal wounds taking up several minutes.
  • Once activated, injuries will begin to visibly "undo" themselves and reappear evenly distributed amongst those present within 10 ft of Lawrence. Needless to say, the more populated this area is, the less noticeable and damaging this can be for bystanders.
  • Lawrence is able to focus his attentions in order to exert control over who or what receives this damage, including himself. He is capable of honing in on one individual within range. If he does not exert this control, it will be distributed to any and all living organisms in the area without bias including himself.
  • Lawrence is capable of using his abilities on himself both to take on new damage as well as to "undo" it.
  • Death Sense:
  • As a byproduct of his mutation, Lawrence is capable of sensing the new production of the large amounts of necroplasm usually attributed to very serious injuries. This manifests itself as an enjoyable "smell" and "taste" for Lawrence. It can be quite enthralling for him. Similarly to a shark detecting blood, Lawrence is capable of picking up on significant wounds from up to .25 miles away.
  • Frequent interaction with necroplasm has effects on Lawrence that are similar to those of an opiate. While small and infrequent amounts can be soothing or tranquil for him, large or frequent use of his power is capable of sedating him completely for hours or even days.
  • Death Aura:
  • While active, Lawrence's abilities create a noticeable increase of shadows and darkness within his range of influence as well as a characteristic blackening of his eyes.


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