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Sterns was a union advocate who often used violent methods to make employers see the light of his goals. He was trained as a construction guy — specifically a framer — and had seen far too many employees get hurt on-the-job. Aiming for advocacy, he became more radical as the years went on.

One such demonstration took place at the Triskelion construction site for SHIELD. He set off a bomb in order to scale down the site and slow production that had multiple injuries tied to it already. During this assault, he experienced an unintended exposure to gamma radiation. He was arrested on site and taken into SHIELD custody.

The radiation had unexpected consequences, causing his cranium to expand, a voracious thirst for knowledge, unmatched mental acumen, and green skin.

IC Events


  • Super-Genius Intellect: The Leader has incredible mental abilities. He can solve problems, is highly intuitive, and deciphers patterns when others don't. His mental processing works and operates at a higher level than most others. Consequently, he can comprehend philosophy, theory, and knowledge at a level beyond others.
  • Near Clairvoyance: While not actually clairvoyant, Sterns's understanding of probability often seems clairvoyant. He can predict events with incredible accuracy thanks to how he sees probability and statistics.
  • Telepathy: The Leader has psionic powers that allow him to read others thoughts, and can engage in mind control (this is most effective on the weak-willed, and will always be based on PC consent (when involving PCs)).
  • Telekinesis: Sterns can move things with his mind.


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