{$actor} as Llewellyn Griffin
Name: Llewellyn Griffin
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: {$team}
Codename: Croon
Position: Agent, Level 5
Hometown: London
Partner(s): NA Height: 5'10"
Father: David Griffin Weight: 175 lbs
Mother: Gwen Griffin Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Blue-White
Children: NA


Llew Griffin was born a mutant, although no one realised that fact until sometime later. They knew only that he was blind, and his eyes were a strange, blue-white in hue. Although of Welsh descent, he grew up in London, the only son of a diplomat (his father, David) and an analyst (his mother, Gwen). Both his parents had ties to British Intelligence, although nothing 'official', and both were very active during the Second World War.

Llew's powers manifested very early. Initially, his parents merely recognised that their son had an especially beautiful voice… and then they noticed its hypnotic effect, whenever he sang. Soon after that, they witnessed the first time his soul-self manifested physically — and the truth sank in. With the war going on, David and Gwen could not leave Llew with 'just anyone' (many children were sent to live with strangers in the English countryside, to keep them safe), and the boy could not always travel with them…

So they turned to their superiors. Agents of the Strategic Scientific Reserve took care of the young Llew while his mother and father travelled. Llew received a more-than-typical education in that he was taught to control his abilities (while his guardians studied him), and use them with a view to one day become an asset to the S.S.R. himself.

Which he did.

David Griffin died behind enemy lines, in France. He was caught trying to smuggle Intel out of Axis-controlled territory, and executed for espionage. Llew was ten. This, more than anything else, convinced him to become an agent. After S.H.I.E.L.D. was founded, Llew transitioned into the Academy, in the Operations division (field agents). His fellow trainees called him "Croon"; he took to street-performing as well as 'official' gigs when studies permitted. He like to think of it as 'hiding in plain sight'. Over the years, he was assigned different seeing-eye dogs, like Hunter (his Labrador), to help him in both civilian and professional life. Hunter, like his predecessors, became Llew's closest friend.

After the war, Llew and his mother moved to the States, and rented an apartment in New York City. He earned his status in SHIELD as an official operative in the late '50s, and his performances as a blind singer became something of a recurring cover-identity. Oddly enough, Llew never really knew about many other 'gifted' people (outside of the Academy) until he moved to the States.

He has just returned from one of his first solo missions abroad.

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Vocal Manipulation

On its own, Croon's voice is still potent. He has a very wide vocal range, can pitch any note within that range perfectly, and mimic a variety of different sounds. He can project his voice quite far (a few hundred or more), even singing very softly (projection vs. volume). He has almost superhuman lung capacity, able to hold notes for a very long time, and a shout, scream or high note from Croon can shatter glass, or perforate an ear-drum.

Astral Manifestation

If Croon concentrates entirely upon himself when singing (rather than projecting his soul-self out upon his vocal-waves), his astral self VISIBLY manifests to the point that it takes physical shape (a psychic construct). In this form Croon can levitate and fly — so long as he keeps singing. Should he stop singing, his astral self will gradually fade; he will not instantly 'drop like a stone'. At the same time, his vision will fade as well.

  • Top Speed - about 30mph or so.
  • Hypnosis - He cannot reliably hypnotise people and fly. Flying requires that he concentrate upon himself, while hypnotising others means extending his soul-self outward. It IS possible, but much harder to do.
  • Strength - easily enough to carry a person with him.
  • Limited shapeshift - Croon's soul-self can appear benign (angelic, glowing) or terrifying (demonic, shadowy) depending upon his mood, and especially his intent. Changes include: claws instead of fingers, draconic wings instead of avian… His soul-self can resist the damage of small-arms fire, his wings are strong enough to knock down typical doors, and his claws are sharp enough to rip through flesh and bone, and some metals.

Astral Suggestion

Croon projects (or extends) his astral self to hypnotise someone… through singing. While vocalising notes (not necessarily words), he can choose to "sing for" (i.e. hypnotise) one person at a time, providing that A: said person can hear him, and B: he can overcome defenses and/or distractions (Player Consent Required). Basically, his consciousness (i.e. astral self) travels with, or on, his voice.

  • While He Sings - effects persist, unless the target's will is stronger than his. It is more effective to stop him from SINGING, rather than stop the effect.
  • After He Stops - effects reliably last a number of minutes (from 3 - 30 or so), depending on A: the target's willpower, B: how much time/effort went into the hypnosis, and C: what the hypnosis was (i.e. something easy vs something 'against one's nature'). Memories can remain forgotten until 'jogged'. Slumber persists until disturbed, etc… Generally, seconds of hypnosis can result in minutes of effect, but as soon as Croon stops singing… reality gradually kicks in.
  • No Electronics - Croon has to project naturally (no mics, telephones or megaphones etc). Similarly, his powers will not work on machines. They will work on people, intelligent animals (the nearer to 'human' the better, basically).
  • Projection Range - Croon's 'acoustic signal' (and therefore astral presence) can reach people more than three hundred feet away (under ideal conditions, and with increasing difficulty). Hypnotising someone one hundred feet away or less, however, is relatively easy to do.
  • The Reverse- Undoing hypnosis (his own or someone else's) requires singing, willpower and time.
  • The Visual Effect - Normally, Croon's astral projection is only visible to telepaths and empaths, or the person he is targeting. Croon can, however, make the projection visible to everyone around him, and even PHYSICAL (see Astral Manifestation).

Astral Sight

The only time that Llew can see is when he vocalises notes, and he sees with astral eyes. This means that he does not determine colours like most people, as the 'colour' of a person has more to do with their 'aura' rather than their appearance. He can see wherever his soul-self goes, and his sight fades a number of seconds after he stops singing. He is able to see other astral images, such as phantoms, projections etc.


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