Zooey Deschanel
Zooey Deschanel as Lois Lane
Name: Lois Lane
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: The Bulletin
Codename: NA
Position: Junior Reporter
Hometown: Washington, D.C.
Partner(s): NA Height: 5'3"
Father: General Sam Lane Weight: 121 lbs
Mother: Maria Lane, deceased Hair Color: Black-brown
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Blue
Children: NA


Daughter of a semi-famous General, Lois grew up a military brat. She moved around a lot and was, in general, a pain in the ass in school. Too smart for her teachers, never living anywhere long enough to make real friends, it's no surprise she was a miserable child and rebelled at the first chance possible. Her father cracked down even harder and sent her to reform school for her high school years. It just drove her further over the edge.

College was always in the plans. A good secretary's school to help calm her down. So, he sent her to secretary's college in New York - a full four year program - hoping that would get her to calm down and a job. Sending Lois to New York was the biggest mistake of the General's life. She was smart enough to coast through school (still using daddy's money if she got good grades) but snuck off to audit journalism classes at Columbia during her entire 'secretary' training. She learned to be a journalist without ever earning a degree and she started writing. In the beginning, she had to sell articles under a pseudonym to even get them published, but now she's developed enough of a reputation for herself that she's managing to keep a junior reporter's position at the Bulletin.

Along the way, of course, Lois also found drugs. She found that they quieted her too-quick moving mind, they helped her write better, they gave her courage to take the biggest risks and, over all, they enhanced her life. So, she's been experimenting with them only slightly shorter than she's been writing, but she's been a hard user for the last handful of years. She insists they make life better, as any good addict does.

IC Events


  • Annoying Reporter: While Lois actually has no super powers, she's SUPER good at being that annoying reporter that gets into anywhere and anything. "How did she fit into that VENT?!"



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