Tom Hiddleston
Tom Hiddleston as Loki Odinson
Name: Loki Odinson
Birthdate: (1800+ yrs old)
Faction: None
Codename: Loki
Position: Prince
Hometown: Asgard
Partner(s): Kai the scone elf Height: 6'2"
Father: Odin Weight: 540 lbs
Mother: Frigga Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Thor, Baldur Eye Color: Green
Children: None that he recalls


Note- Logs earlier than 3/1/2017 were created by player 1.

IC Events

Loki has been growing more and more mischievous. He keeps dragging people off on adventures against their will. If you would like to be kidnapped off to an adventure, just let me know!


  • Asgardian heritage - Loki shares Asgardian durability, density, strength and a moderately improved healing factor. He can absolutely be injured by traditional methods, regardless, but his recovery is shorter than humans. Due to skin density, he can sometimes weather bullets at a distance.
  • Sorcery- Loki is capable of sorcery, primarily illusions, but he can also teleport to places he has been, multiple times per day. Teleporting takes considerable effort and bringing others with him causes him to be weakened until he can rest if he uses it more than twice. He can create illusions of himself, of others, conceal his own form under an illusion, alter others' appearance, including auditory elements as well, within the scope of his own experience. He cannot create an illusion of something he has never seen. The breadth of the illusion can be environmental as well, for instance, creating the appearance of a room, or a forest.
  • Scrying- Loki can scry through mirrors, using a ritual spell and his own mirror or reflecting basin. Through the mirrors he can observe, or project an image of himself that can communicate with one individual, or multiple. He can also scry upon a person, if he has something of theirs, allowing him to potentially locate people from afar and teleport to them. Various other magics can interfere with this.
  • Enchanting Hijinx- Loki can imbue objects with a stored illusion. The illusion is preset when the object is imbued, and may lay dormant until the object is destroyed. However, upon activating a command, be it eating the object, or speaking a certain word, the illusion activates and stays active for 1-30 minutes.
  • Disturbance in the Force- Loki can sense when large amounts of magic are being thrown around, or when someone exceptionally powerful is in the vicinity.



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