Anima Sola
{$actor} as Lynette LaCroux
Name: Lynette LaCroux
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: The Brotherhood of Mutants
Codename: Anima Sola
Position: N/A
Hometown: Iberville Parish, Louisiana
Partner(s): N/A Height: 5'
Father: Deceased Weight: 110 lbs.
Mother: Deceased Hair Color: Ebony
Siblings: None Eye Color: Onyx
Children: None


Born in 1945, Lynette LaCroux was different from the start. Born to two devout followers of Lwa, they originally thought the girl's odd eyes, which were like that of a snake's own, was a blessing from the spirits. Even as the faded with age, and became something normal, the memory that she began life with them would never leave the memories of those around her. It takes a village to raise a child, and her early years within the small community outside of Iberville Parish, was a testament to this saying. Every family had a hand in the care, and teachings, of everyone else's children. Attending homeschooling, her lessons were in English as a secondary language, basic reading, writing, and math skills, and most of all, religion.

Lynette's abilities in the supernatural arts were basic, at best, allowing her to animate and manipulate small objects or shadows. The hope that her parents had in her power was called into question and led some elders of the community to suggest that her body was more so a vessel for something much greater. She was then treated with kid gloves by the rest of the village, and would later be lead to the fateful event that would awaken her true powers.

What was supposed to be a normal night for a ritual was quick to turn on its head for the girl. The subject that was set on the block for sacrifice that night was not the ripe throat of a goat or a few dangling hens, but Lynette herself. With multiple hands to hold her down, she continued to put up a fight but was quickly losing both strength, and time. The loud symphony of drums and chanting wasn't enough to drown out her frantic, panicked screaming, and in a flail, her hand wrapped around the dagger that was driven down toward her chest. The blade made purchase, but the outcome was not what it was supposed to be.

Crimson began to flower and spread against white fabric, but its origin was not Lynette's chest, but that of the main mambo herself. After a shuffle and gawk of surprise, the priestess fell back, leaving Lynette, dagger in hand, its blade still deep within her breast. In shock, the group silenced themselves and stood back, and the girl sat up on the stone table that was meant to be her deathbed. Thinking it was nothing more than some weird fluke, or maybe in some mixture of fear and anger, Lynette drew the blade out of her chest, and thrust it back in; her eyes had returned to that of the serpents’ own. She did this again, and again, until, one by one, every member of the ritual congregation fell.

From that night onward, Lynette has been on the run, fearful of her past catching up with her. Her abilities are still strange to her, and mostly uncontrollable. If becoming a walking voodoo doll wasn't enough, she also suffers from random visions and divination spells. She survives in the best way she knows how, usually relying on thievery here and there, and is often nomadic, rarely staying in once place for long periods of time. Her abilities are still strange to her, and mostly uncontrollable.

IC Events


  • Voodoo: Lynette, though not the most powerful of mambo, has some skill in the ways of Voodoo. Working under the basic two principles of Law of Similarity, and Law of Contact/Contagion, she can take a few basic steps into accessing the world of supernatural forces. Lynette can influence luck, animate objects, and even shadows. At random times, or when the spirits are good (or bad) to her, she can also become subject to premonitions and divinations. Her main ability deals with biological manipulation, and by using her own body as the conduit, she becomes a living, breathing voodoo doll.
  • Luck Manipulation: Is that door locked? Will that car start? The light is green instead of red? Lyn has a minor, almost infantile level of control over the luck force. Sometimes, and more than likely, it doesn't work for the baby Mambo. But, sometimes the fates work with her and help her manipulate chance in her favor.
  • Magical Biomanipulation: Where most practitioners of Voodoo use dolls created by their own two hands to affect others in a physical manner, Lyn has the ability to use herself. However, she still needs a connection between herself and her target, such as skin, hair, or blood for example. Once obtained, Lyn can harm herself (without actually taking physical damage), resulting in her impending wounds to occur on her target. For now, her power is simple, but can be lethal depending on the point of purchase her self-infliction takes. Lyn must be able to see who she is targeting, and can only focus on one figure at a time.
  • Animation and Shadowplay: Lyn's ability to animate objects is a very low form of what some would consider to be telekinesis. She can move objects, but only for short amounts of time, and nothing heavier than a cup or empty can. The action is more like a parlor trick than anything else. Her shadow play only allows her to affect the amount of shadows in a given radius (about 5m around her as the starting point). She can make them retract or grow; that is the extend of her hold over them.


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