Christopher Eccleston
Christopher Eccleston as Malekith the Accursed
Name: Malekith the Accursed
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: Team Malekith
Codename: Malekith the Accursed
Position: Master of the Hunt
Hometown: Southern Swamps, Svartalfheim
Partner(s): Aelsa the Elf Queen Height: 6'10"
Father: Lord Black Bile, dead Weight: 340 lbs.
Mother: Lady Mazerot, dead Hair Color: White
Siblings: Twelve dead brothers Eye Color: Grey-black
Children: The heir apparent to Alfheim


Malekith the Accursed was born to be the Lord of the Wild Hunt, thirteenth son of Lady Mazerot, whose Svartalfjar clan ran the hounds and wolves of the hunt. He joined the wars as an unwilling soldier, ever better suited for tactics and scheming than hewing his way through the battlefield.

He grew to hate the ljosalfjar (light elves), dvergr (dwarves), and especially Asgardians and Vanir, whom he came to see as little better than imperial overlords trying to inflict their will on Svartalfheim again and again. He soon came to believe the only way for the Svartalfjar to gain their freedom was by liberating themselves from Asgard, preferably by destroying Asgard forever.

Family fortunes came to ruin such his mother sold him to another clan for money and food for the Wild Hunt. Little more than a casteless slave, he fought and toiled in misery (and plotting revenge) until chance aid to a dark elf prisoner changed his life. The prisoner was a sorcerer, who took him as an apprentice after their escape and trained him for many years. Malekith drank all he could of power, spending two thousand years in study and practice and battle until he was claimed as equal to his wizard master. Then he struck out to bring his long plots to fruition.

Malekith murdered his master and then his mother, adopting the mantle of lordship. The power that struck him during his master's assassination earned him his title Accursed. The clans of the Svartalfheim Dark Council banished Malekith, even though he was among the most gifted sorcerers ever known to the dark elves. He swore to return to restore Svartalfheim to glory and conquest, and to purge the weakness from his race. Forced out, he sought shelter in Jotunheim and has since crossed the realms seeding chaos and rebellious notions against Asgard and the dark elven kings and queens. He has found many eager hands and minds receptive to his ideas, and they only realize the depth of his schemes long, long after he has departed from the scene.

He has instigated wars and assassinations, fomented trouble, and stirred up open revolt among many realms simply to learn the tactics of his Asgardian enemies, and pitted one realm against another on countless occasions. The tolls in bodies don't matter so long as he rules supreme over a universe where the dark elves are ascendant.


No one would ever mistake him for human. Not at nearly two meters tall, the man built like an Olympian swimmer has unnaturally pale colouration at every turn. Ashen skin carries a distinctive dusky undertone, gone completely to gunmetal grey beneath a shock of hair pulled back into a rough braid. Slanted brows and hair is pristine white, not yellowed by age but completely colourless. His flinty eyes are nebulous stormclouds, capriciously shifting from nearly white to almost basalt, and tilted at a pronounced angle. Though undoubtedly masculine, his features lack coarseness, rather cut by a very sharp knife from malleable stone to achieve razored cheekbones, a hard jaw, and a harsh brow. The rest of his athletic body is similarly hard and built to a sculptor's proportions, broad of shoulder and narrow of hip.

He is dressed for war, as much as one can probably make sense of the lean black jacket and pants he wears. They resemble nothing terrestrial, and fuse the stylings of Japanese samurai with a futuristic take. Scaled plates, each thin and edged, fit together in a supple breastplate of sorts, giving protection to his chest, shoulders, and hips. Segmented leggings in some curious material, between carbon fiber, silk, and ceramic, split up the seams to accommodate thick boots that bear a sharp point at the toe and spur-like protrusions at the back. His gloves are in fact shoulder-high gauntlets infused with electrical rungs and charges.

IC Events


  • May: Malekith goes looking for some entertainment. He finds out Loki is back to play!
  • June:
    • He calls the Wild Hunt down on New York. Dogs vanish across Manhattan to Queens.
    • Bucky and Kai end up as hounds in the Wild Hunt, which they'll remain forever more.
    • He entertains Kai in Svartalfheim, then releases him. Bucky isn't happy about how.
    • Malekith and Loki attend on a few cosmic adventures to obtain the necessary trinkets for his wedding to Aelsa Featherwine, captive princess of Alfheim.
    • Aelsa and Malekith jaunt off to have some fun.


  • Svartalfjar: The dark elves were born into shadow. Tall and more muscular than humans or ljosalfar, they are 6- 7' tall and their flesh is thrice as dense, resilient to mundane weapons, falls, and violent impacts. They regenerate damage quickly but not severed limbs or organs. Magic or rare toxins/poisons are needed to inflict lasting damaging. Their agility is stuff of legends: they seem to be shadows given their light-footedness and apparent ability to move unhead, and their rapid reflexes are well beyond human norms. Malekith can lift up to 25 tons unassisted, though his magic vastly increases this (enough to toe-to-toe Thor somewhat). His personal durability is superior to svartalfjar, and he can resist extremes in temperature and pressure, great blows, and channeling immense amounts of magic.
  • Lifespan: His people live thousands of years. He appears 40, being about as old as Odin.
  • Allspeak: He comprehends all spoken languages in the Nine Realms as if they were Svartalfen. He never speaks Aesir or Vanir though he knows them, and he knows the Jotun tongues as well.
  • Willpower: He could hypothetically wield an Infinity Stone. That speaks enough.
  • Sorcery: His powers are on par with the other great Asgard magicians, a whisper below Loki's skills. He can draw power in Svartalfheim to heighten his Svartalf magic to equalize them. His personal reserve of power and capacity to channel or absorb magic is immense, and he's studied for millennia in many forms, forbidden and not.
  • Transformation: He can shape, manipulate, and transform physical objects or sentient beings from one state to another. He alters aspects like appearance or volume, state (like himself into a gaseous form).
  • Dark Elf Magic: He has an affinity with subtle, mind-affecting magics that warp the mind, causing a target to see something which isn't there, feel an implanted emotion or memory, act on a buried suggestion or command, or prey on the hidden secrets of their psyche. His illusions are long-lasting and potent, requiring a sympathetic connection to fuel deeper terrors, suggestions or mental domination. He is deeply resistant to mind control powers in his own right, being shielded against mind control.
  • Teleportation: He can cross vast distances on the same realm.
  • Shapeshifting: He is good at changing his size, physical attributes, and hiding his form. He only remains humanoid (vain, baby)!
  • Energy Bolts: He shapes elemental energy that damn well hurt, preferring magic, ice, or esoteric elements like enchanted darkness.
  • Power Siphon: He drains magic from other magic users, spells, items or humans by aura (15m) or touch, absorbing it into himself or letting it dissipate. Siphoning requires concentration and counts as an attack that most aware sorcerers can resist.



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