{$actor} as Marcus Renolds
Name: Marcus Renolds
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: None
Codename: Sigil
Position: Homeless Drifter
Hometown: Helena, Montana
Partner(s): None Height: 6'2"
Father: James Renolds Weight: 230 pds
Mother: Natilie Renolds Hair Color: Black
Siblings: none Eye Color: Blue
Children: none


  • Born in Montana to a logging family. Had your basic runof the mill upbringing with a family that managed to get themselves through the Great Depression because they owned a business that was in demand. Growing up and schooling was relatively ho-hum, beyond Marcus finding out he liked working on engines. Figured he'd be a mechanic eventually.
  • Ended up joining the Army when US got involved in WWII. Not right away, but eventually that whole call to serve your country thing got the better of him and he enlisted like so many other young men. Childhood of living in deep woods of Montana and family hunting gave him a slight edge on marksmanship. Got him noticed and selected for sniper training.
  • Served in Europe during in the eastern theater for four years, eventually finding himself promoted to Sergeant within in his unit. As the war began to come draw closer and closer to Allied victory, the fighting became more intense and sporadic. Marcus did his job as a sniper well. But it also made him isolated, unluckily, he was captured by Nazi forces.
  • Which weren't really Nazis, but HYDRA loyal agents, looking for a few good lab rats. Marcus was bound tied and sent to one of the more 'special' facilities where they did a good deal of experimentation. Being injected with their version of a super soldier serum was only the beginning. As Hitler had aspirations and desires in anything occult-related, so did HYDRA. The serum was to give Marcus a better chance at surviving.
  • Whatever they did to him, some kind of ritual took place. Marcus never saw the face of who did the experimenting to him, being in and out of a waking state. He does remember being on a stone slab, seeing strange glowing symbols around him and the image of a metal shaped device, heated to a red hot degree. That was then pressed against his skin. The rest is still very much blurry.
  • Marcus doesn't know how he got loose, but he remember, the door being left open and hearing people scream outside. There was fighting going on, not knowing who was fighting who. In the chaos, he managed to find his way out of the building, but not before being caught by a couple of guards, who then suddenly burst into flame. Another tried to shoot at him, and the bullets bounced away from him. They did something to him, he didn't know what, but suddenly he could do things that he had no explanation. Fear griped him and he ran.
  • Eventually, through a series of riding the rails and hiding on boats, Marcus made his way across Europe. Realizing that the war had ended a long time ago. And wherever he was being held, he had been there for a long time, realizing that the year was now 1963. Scared on the run, more than aware that he was being chased, and no desire to let anyone know he was still alive, when the ship arrived in New York City, he jumped off as fast as he could, running into the city, hoping to get lost amoungst the rest of the cities deziens.

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  • Sigils: Marcus has four different sigils infused into his body, their marks burned with the power of the occult that cannot be removed. This arcane power provides him with access to their use and a connection to the natural fields of magic with exist within world. They are listed as followed.
  • Air: Harnessing the first sigil(branded on his right shoulder)is the elemental symbol for air, Marcus can use this ability to change the air around him, focus it and weild it. In the beginning state as it is, it is nothing more than a forceful shove, able to knock down people, throw light objects, and break down weak barriers.
  • Fire: With control of the second sigil(branded on his left shoulder)is the elemental symbol for fire. Using it, he can conjure up amounts of superheated ionized plasma, then being able to direct and throw them as projectile weapons, burning both people and things that generally can catch on fire. Also only while the sigil is activated, he is immune to fire and heat.
  • Earth: The third sigil(branded onhis right hip)is the elemental symbol for earth. When in use, it small bubble surronds his person, protecting him from harm. It is a more taxing ability, only able to use it for a minute at a time. Repeated use of this sigil can cause exhaustion, as it draining of his magic abilities, need a least a couple mintues of 'recharge' before he can cast it again. Of all his abilities, this one could be considered his strongest once, thus requiring more energy to use it.
  • Water: The fourth sigil(branded on his left hip)is the elemental symbol for water. Casted in a ten meter circle, anyone but Marcus who enters the area will find themselves slowed, as if trying to walk through sludge which affects their entire body, reducing their speed to about half their normal moving rate.
  • Weaker Super Soldier Serum: Because HYDRA were never really able to replicate the serum that created the likes of Captain America, they had to make do with what they had. This did result in a serum that heightened physical abilities though only at about half the effectiveness as Erskine's process. It was given to Marcus as perhaps a preventative measure to make sure he didn't outright die when subjected to other experimentation. In that it succeeded, gaving him the constitution needed to endure the arcane process that made him what he is.
  • Slowed Aging: Whatever was done to Marcus has other effects than what's apparent. Whatever has been done to him has slowed his aging. So while he looks like he's in his mid 20s when he first captured, he seems for all intents to appear very much the same in 1944 as he does in 1963.


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