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Emarialum Fulminari was raised in what you could call the "standard Attilan lifestyle" until she passed the tests and was exposed to the Terrigen Mists, which revealed the power to master electricity and even transform herself into it. This greatly pleased the ruling King and the genetics council who thought, ahah! A spy!

That was exciting. Actually the training was exciting but it wasn't quite clear what it was leading up to until Emarialum was given the best makeshift materials for the infiltration into the world, particularly in the general direction of the urban citadel of "New York," in order to gather intelligence and word of who are behind these reports of "Mutants" and "Marvels" and other wild things. In particular, find if any of them are the exiled royals, and if so, report back - and perhaps kill, if the opportunity arose!

The journey through the hinterland of China, through rural China, to Hong Kong and beyond was eye-opening. Yes, these people were miserable and smelled of all the baths they didn't take, but everything was dynamic, vivacious, alive… Emarialum had the thought in Hong Kong, why don't I just wander off? Who could stop me, who could deny me?

But duty is a powerful driver, and any machine will take a while to break down if it was well made.

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  • ELECTRIFYING: Emarialum can project electricity with a touch or by will alone, ranging from tiny sparks up to a moderately-sized bolt of lightning. She can also modulate this electrical output to power machinery: 'synching up' is likely to cause some damage to the machinery, but after this "getting to know you" period, she could power a residential house or a mid-sized vehicle without much strain, and perhaps larger equipment with genuine strain. She can also drain off power with direct contact on a similar scale, exhausting batteries or causing power fluctuations: this is pleasant but doesn't do anything else for her. It requires skin contact or a connection with strong conductivity (such as water). She is also largely immune to electrical injuries, although a really epically massive electrical attack, such as would wipe out a well grounded target ANYWAY, would still harm her from the secondary effects.
  • BODY OF POWER: Emarialum can ALSO convert her body into a living mass of electric power thanks to the blessings of the Terrigen Mists. This form is comfortable to live in and has the advantage of being almost impossible to harm (though it is vulnerable to grounding), and it lets her arc with nigh-teleporting speeds over moderate distances (say, a football field, or to the nearest substation along the public power grid). The downside is that she can't really interact with matter in ways that don't involve "shocking it horribly or arcing through it." An additional upside is that she can create shocking thunderclaps by arcing into nearby objects on purpose.
  • INHUMANITY: In addition to the above, Emarialum has the blessing of "eugenics that actually worked," with an extended lifespan and strength, stamina and dexterity that match or slightly exceed the normal-human peak for a woman of her size and condition… or go slightly beyond.


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