Gold Rush
{$actor} as Mariah Isadora Garcia Fox
Name: Mariah Isadora Garcia Fox
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: None
Codename: Gold Rush
Position: Mercenary
Hometown: Leticia, Colombia
Partner(s): None Height: 5'6"
Father: Manuel Garcia (Deceased) Weight: 118 lbs.
Mother: Sofia Fox (Deceased) Hair Color: Black / Copper
Siblings: Alejandro (Deceased) Eye Color: Copper
Children: None


It was a bad time to be alive in Colombia.

Born in 1944 to a family of fruit pickers and rural farmers, Mariah Isadora Garcia Fox was the first child of the family to be born after the difficulties of the war. While the rest of the world breathed a sigh of relief, or attempted to rebuild themselves, the political parties of Colombia tore the country apart in a ten year civil war known collectively as La Violencia.

The family had already suffered from the maiming of Mariah's grandfather in the Banana Massacre, and Mariah's father had been ostracized and harassed, both for his Protestant beliefs and his marrying of a Quechua woman. Strong democratic and socialist sentiment ran through the family, and by the time Mariah was four, the Bogota was ablaze and the family had joined Communist-leaning revolutionaries in the farmlands. From the time Mariah was old enough to follow instructions, her family had taught her how to make Molotov cocktails and fire a handgun. She grew up among violence armed conflict the likes of which most of the rest of the world had left behind in the dark ages. Murder, torture, guerrilla warfare and survivalism were as much a part of her daily life as gathering firewood and cooking dinner.

With the military coup in 1953 restoring relative, if somewhat impotent order to the country, and in 1957 when a civilian rule was established, the armed peasant cells across the country that refused to respond to the government were relentlessly hunted. Mariah's family had gone full Communist, following under Tirofijo. It was during this increased struggle that Mariah's mutant powers blossomed, and it was not long before the commanders of the bandoleros the Fox family followed saw the opportunity she presented. Mariah witnessed the wholesale slaughter of her entire family before she was taken prisoner.

For the next several years, Mariah was forced to become a human gold mine, nearly dying several times as her abilities were pushed farther than her body or lifeforce could safely take. Desire for revenge and raw iron willpower kept her alive, as she practiced means of trying to use her powers to escape. Several times she nearly made good on that escape, creatively maiming guards or slipping her bonds, but it was not until 1962, when the revolutionaries were searching for mutant children to train into child soldiers, that Mariah found the depths of determination she needed to free herself. Pushing her powers to their limits, she was able to outright slay her captors by organizing the other children and combining their efforts with her own. Leading the former captives through the jungle safely over a four day trek on foot, she spent the next few months finding the families or surviving relatives of the children and returning them home.

Determined never to be taken hostage again, Mariah made her way out of Colombia and into Central America; she took up mercenary work to fund herself, having no other means of supporting herself, and no other skills beyond combat. Eventually, Mariah's journey took her, along with thousands of other Colombian immigrants, to the shores of America, where she set up shop in Queens, working to establish connections among New York's criminal element to keep herself sheltered and fed.

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  • Iron to Gold: Mariah has the mutant ability of elemental conversion, specifically the ability to change iron to gold and vice versa. She projects an invisible aura round her that is in fact an extension of her life force, though she is unaware of this fact to date. When a iron-bearing material is within the field of her aura, she can transmute that substance or object into gold through a conscious act of will.

- Conversion can only happen within a range of 100 feet;
- Conversion is limited to roughly 12 sq. feet and 25 cu. feet of mass.
- Conversion is temporary unless life force is used to make it permanent.
- Iron alloys can be transformed but only if they are simple (steel and rust can be converted) and composed of at least 90% iron.
Converted matter will automatically shift back after leaving the borders of Mariah's auric field.
Permanent material conversion (change remains until changed back) requires some of Mariah's life energy to accomplish. She can replenish this energy by eating; excessive use of power has an emaciating effect on her. Rough estimates are given in stages:
- Stage One (8 to 12 pounds) - Immediate fatigue.
- Stage Two (13 to 30 pounds) - Disorientation, exhaustion and hunger.
- Stage Three (31 to 50 pounds) - Hallucination, immobility, ravenous hunger.
- Stage Four (51 - 80 pounds) - Immediate unconsciousness, flu-like weakness for 2-5 days, signs of malnutrition, no body fat.
- Stage Five (81 - 120 pounds) - Immediate coma state lasting 1-3 days, emaciation. Medical care critical for recovery.
- Stage Six (120+ pounds) - Long term coma/critical starvation or immediate fatality (Mariah has burned herself up).

  • Iron Sense: Mariah can sense sources of iron in her immediate vicinity as well as the amount of iron in an object, even if it is hidden from view or behind objects. She can detect the location and shape of the iron bearing object in a way that is not directly connected to her other senses. For lack of a better way of describing it, she refers to it as "feeling" the iron. Mariah's Iron Sight has a maximum range of half a mile. Large amounts of iron in an area can make it difficult for her to distinguish between individual objects.
  • Aurokinesis: Iron that has been changed into gold can be freely manipulated within Mariah's auric field. Mariah can change its shape and state (pulling it into a wire, turning it from a solid to a liquid, breaking it up into dust particles) and can cause it to levitate and orbit her at a range of ten feet from her person. This allows her to slingshot gold objects at targets or move sheets of gold around her as a shield, or project gold in basic shapes at her attackers. Mariah can only fabricate things out of gold as well a she understands their mechanics. If she doesn't understand how something mechanically works, she cannot replicate it.


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