Robert Carlyle
Robert Carlyle as Jason Wyngarde
Name: Jason Wyngarde
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: Villain
Codename: Mastermind
Position: Illusionist
Hometown: Unknown
Partner(s): NA Height: 5'10"
Father: NA Weight: 140 lbs
Mother: NA Hair Color: Grey
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Brown
Children: NA


Jason's true story is so mundane as to be irrelevant. He has many elaborate backstories, one for each identity. Jason Wyngarde — if that was actually his original name — is not interesting enough to be remembered. What is true is that he followed the usual path for young men of a certain class, went to a prestigious post-secondary institution, and continued his education further as was expected of him. But suppressing his mutation grew more and more difficult. Using it was so fulfilling, such a break from his mundane life, that he couldn't help himself.

Over time, he prepared for his exit from his first life and joined a traveling carnival, of all things. Here, he felt free to be himself — by being someone else — and he honed his craft as he traveled Europe, and then the world. The carnival was part of a ring of thieves and smugglers, making it even easier for Jason to advance his illusions as a criminal tool.

Now, he returns to America, looking for a new type of circus. One that will make him wealthier, and more powerful, than ever.

IC Events


  • ILLUSION: Jason can create illusions so intense that, even if one is informed they are illusions, one is subject to them. The power seems to be a form of telepathy, not magic. Everything about the illusion seems real so that people act and react as if they are in that situation, even if the illusion forces them toward choices they would not normally make. The illusions cannot be recorded, as they have no effect on technology, nor can they be seen by anyone outside Jason's range of effect. However, even when shown the "truth", most people will not be able to shake the certainty that what they experienced was real — even to the point of suffering mental trauma when confronted with "reality". Jason's illusions can reach over entire cities or be restricted to a single room. He is bounded by distance, not numbers.
  • MNEMONIC SURGERY: Jason is able to tweak people's memories of events, especially children or those with vulnerable minds, by making them "recall" his version of events as though they were happening anew. This overwrites the original memory with Jason's version of events.



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