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Name: Maxine Stryfe
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Faction: Superhero Team
Codename: Max
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Maxine Stryfe was born on November 13, 1939 in Brooklyn, NYC, New York to Maxwell, a brilliant tech engineer, and Anna, a metahuman costumed hero. Anna reluctantly left to fight in WW2 after Pearl Harbor, leaving Maxwell to raise their 2-year-old daughter alone for a time. Afterwards, Anna rtired from heroing entirely, settling down to be with her family, especially her daughter, as Max had inherited her mother's metahuman ability. Still, as a result of the wartime period, Maxine was very close to her father growing up, and developed an interest in his projects, which both parents encouraged. She also learned to control her powers with her mother's guidance, and learned a great deal about hero culture.

Maxine elected to go to college as she got older, selecting Renneslear Polytechnic Institute for their dedication towards improving their environment towards female students and their Civil Engineering program. While things had improved on the campus, she still found it beneficial to take advantage of her non-traditional upbringing and preference for "max" to comport herself as 'one of the guys'. This continued when she graduated and took advantage of the ambiguity to join the New York State Society of Professional Engineers and the American Society of Civil Engineers as a dues-paying member.

Unfortunately, none of this made it any easier for a female engineer in 1963 to find good work, but Maxine eventually located a promising opportunity. Her metahuman ability, combined with a background in Civil Engineering, made her an excellent fit for a Job at Damage Control, Inc. helping perform cleanup and repairs after the city's all-to-common superpower-involved incidents. Unfortunately, it was not quite what she'd hoped, as the job turned out to be a lot more heavy lifting and a lot less engineering. But at least it was paying work. Now she just had to find someplace she could afford rent.

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  • DENSITY CONTROL: Maxine possesses the ability to control the density of her body, and of materials in direct contact and proximity to her (IE: clothing). She can increase or decrease her body density in whole or part to extreme degrees, allowing her to pass through (relatively) solid objects at low densities or— on the other end of the spectrum— increase her muscle and bone density to produce exceptional strength and durability. The more extreme or complicated the manipulation, the more difficult and taxing using her power is. The range of her ability is sufficient to alter personal effects, such as articles of clothing, but she is unable to project her ability farther than a few inches, making it unsuitable for affecting larger objects such as people.
  • FLIGHT: The most advanced use of her power Max has mastered is the ability to use a density gradient to float and propel herself in the air. It has been a lifelong ambition to accomplish this feat, and she has only recently gotten the hang of producing the effect. In theory, she should be able to fly at high speeds and altitudes, but for the moment, she's only practiced enough to manage flight on par with a small pilot's aircraft. She requires an atmosphere or similar medium in order to fly (even if somehow breathing wasn't an issue).


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