Josh Hartnett
Josh Hartnett as Maximus Boltagon
Name: Maximus Boltagon
Birthdate: 27 years old
Faction: Inhumans
Codename: Maximus the Mad (Only other people call him this) / Maximus the Magnificent (his version)
Position: Your Majesty/ King/ My Lord
Hometown: Attilan
Partner(s): Kaleb Height: 5'11"
Father: Agon Weight: 180lbs
Mother: Rynda Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Blackagar Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


Maximus Boltagon was born the younger of two sons of genetic council members Rynda and Agon. Exposed to the Terrigen mist in embryo, he initially displayed no signs of being a success, while his brother, Boltagon, displayed a devastating and debilitating power, forcing the brothers to be separated until they were 16 years old. Raised without his brother, he often assumed that he would eventually reign upon the death of their parents. His powers of mind control joined an incredible aptitude for invention, and he kept the former secret, retreating from social situations for fear of revealing the controversial and advantageous ability. When his brother was finally released, jealousy overcame him and he constantly prodded to try to get Boltagon to fail at not using his powers, so that he would be locked away again.

Part of that involved arranging a deal with the Kree, the enemy of the Inhumans, to lay the foundation for using their help to take over the Inhumans in the years to come, trusting that he could use his mind powers to angle the deal favorably and even break it in the following years. That plan was never discovered, in full, because the meeting was discovered and when the Kree agent attempted escape, Black Bolt shouted down the ship and the wreckage landed on the building where the council was meeting, killing both their parents and immediately making Boltagon the King.

Maximus was damaged by his proximity to the shout as well. His ability to mind control was suppressed, like hearing loss, and his brilliant mind was damaged, thrusting him into a lifelong struggle with sanity.

The damaged prince continued in the Royal family for years after, and even as he healed he kept up a ruse of harmless insanity, while slowly planting the seeds of mind control in strategic members of court and power. He also spent time inventing helpful things and cultivating trust among his family, while covertly developing a plan to take over ruling power.

This all came to fruition ten years ago, when he placed the inhuman slaves, three of them, into terrigen mist exposure above any advised levels, creating three entities of great power but incredible vulnerability to his mind control. Using the slaves as his army, and all the seeds of mind control he placed over the years, he was successfully able to overthrow his brother and take control of Attilan.

In the past ten years he has remained King. He has created beneficial and elaborate weapons to defend both his rule and his people. Confident and assured, he feels there is no threat to his rule now. He is greatly interested and invested in releasing terrigen mist all over the world and has created a weapon that he believes could destroy all humans.

As fair as his rule is sometimes, he was also consumed by bouts of insanity, and regularly used his mind control abilities to handle dissent. Since exiling the rest of the royal clan, he was the sole remaining blood royal.

In late 1963, he was overthrown by a collaboration of human, mutant, Inhuman and mystic forces in an attack on Attilan.

In summer and fall of 1964, he worked with other Inhumans to help save the city of Attilan from outside Kree forces taking over and was successful. He was so successful, in fact, that an assassination attempt was made on his life, and shortly afterwards, he was sent into exile, again, with the rest of the Inhuman family to protect Attilan from without.

Currently, he lives in New York.


  • Mind Control- NOTE TO PLAYERS- Unless told ICly that Maximus has this power, it is not well-known. Maximus has mind control powers, when not suppressed by insanity or other means, like containment fields. At its best, he can affect those in a radius of 30 feet. He can only drive one effect at a time when directing a group, and that must consist of simple directives. The being affected must have the physical capability to do the directed task or speech. This type of mind control does not change personality, but simply overrides will. He must be able to concentrate and the targets must not have mental blockades. For example, he could cause guards in a room to defend him, regardless of their personal beliefs, but he could not turn them to his side forever. The mind control is ended upon loss of concentration or consciousness. If exposed to Maximus over time, he can plant what he calls a seed, allowing the target to be triggered by a word, remotely or at a later time. He can cause short term amnesia in a single subject, which wears off 1-3 days later. This requires him to not be controlling anything else at the time. In general, he uses this power set sparingly, so as to keep it a secret from general knowledge, which gives him the most advantage. He has the greatest affinity for controlling groups of subhumans that reside in Attilan. He does not need to speak. It is all subject to consent of player.



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