Ian McDairmid
Ian McDairmid as Mephisto
Name: Mephisto
Birthdate: 06/06/????
Faction: His own.
Codename: Mephisto
Position: Greater demon
Hometown: Lesser Plane of Hell
Partner(s): NA Height: 10'8
Father: NA Weight: 500 kgs.
Mother: NA Hair Color: Red
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Red
Children: NA


The stories of Mephisto's origins are shrouded in stories and lies, all the better to enhance his prestige. Born of ashes of sulphur, he scraped together enough power to earn a dukedom in Hell among the most powerful of demons. Mephisto never flinches from dabbling in affairs among the living, and his subtle touch has influenced events on Earth and elsewhere. He rules completely over a hellscape within the greater Hell, and as such, commands tremendous power and legions of demons. His legendary machininations against his own kind, celestial powers, and nearly every major race in the universe have earned him much enmity.

For epochs, he has waged wars against the heavens and anywhere else he might achieve power. After all, in Hell, strength and influence are the main measures of power. Mephisto is more comfortable than most of his brethren to use mortal agents of considerable power. He is notorious among mystics for his willingness to bargain power for their souls, though it never turns out well for the mortals. He bestows spirits of vengeance upon certain souls he saves from death to complete his schemes, thus creating the Ghost Riders. Mephisto never selects candidates who don't serve a decided goal for him, though the subject is usually unaware most of the time.

Mephisto is vile, ruthless, and cruel. He cannot be redeemed from his evil, nor would he ever wish to be. He will not stop until he smothers all free will and possesses all that exists. Only two true powers in the universe check Mephisto at any sense — God and the Devil.

Special Notes

  • Mephisto creates the Ghost Riders by binding spirits of vengeance to a mortal soul he owns.
  • He is most certainly not the Devil.
  • He is one of several greater demons ruling fiefdoms of substantial size within Hell itself. He rules his layer all but absolutely.
  • His relationship with Doctor Doom and Doctor Strange is particularly tortured.

IC Events


  • Superhuman Physique: Mephisto is a -very- powerful demon, able to physically bench press comfortably around 100 tons, suffer almost every form of possible injury that would be lethal to humans and come out unscathed, possesses an almost limitless amount of stamina to be able to perform various tasks of multiple intensity without tiring, and run up to 70 miles per hour.
  • Magic: Mephisto is a powerful authority on magic, able to use black magic most efficiently, as is per the situation when it comes to demons in general. He can augment his own size, shapeshift, project powerful forces of magic beams, blasts, constructs, and explosions, even manipulate the very fabric of matter to an extent, though most powerfully in his own realm. He may even cast an 'image' of himself to other worlds or dimensions without actually being there and maintain physical function.
  • Immortality: Mephisto is immortal and his vast powers as a superior demon only reflect that. He does not need food, oxygen, or water to survive, and he does not physically age.
  • Pyrokinesis: Mephisto has the power to control and manipulate and create any kind of flame. These flames burn hot enough to vaporize titanium at their peak. His flames are supernatural in origin when self-generated, and cause severe harm to supernatural and mortal enemies.
  • Soul Claim: Mephisto, like all greater demons, receives a portion of the damned into his realm. Souls of liars, the vengeful, and dark spellcasters make up most of his realm's population. He can ensnare a living soul by one of three methods: a contract, a willing offering, or mystical means. A willing party can freely devote their soul to Mephisto at any time simply by promising it in his name earnestly. Like any demon, he can form a bargain with a willing party and give a range of powers in exchange for the subject's soul. These contracts are binding and irrevocable short of God, the Devil, or Mephisto reversing them. A contract is never worded in the petitioner's best interest, only Mephisto, and must consciously acknowledge his assent for the power exchange to take effect. Upon signing the contract, a damned soul is bound to his realm, do not pass go or collect $200. He has significant power over a soul in his possession, living or dead. Mystic means giving him control over a soul are typically a failed summoning attempt or the price of using relics he's seeded all over reality.



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