Mike Matthews
Chris Wood
Chris Wood as Mike Matthews
Name: Mike Matthews
Birthdate: 10/08/1943
Faction: None
Codename: Mon-El of Daxam
Position: Bartender - Stonewall Inn Restaurant (Greenwich Village)
Hometown: Daxam
Partner(s): None Height: 6'1"
Father: Lar Gand Weight: Unknown
Mother: Rhea Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: None Eye Color: Grey
Children: None


Mon-El, Prince of Daxam, lead a life of privilege, indulgence, and political obligation. Charming, outgoing, athletic, and trained by the Daxamite army in combat — he knew very little in the way of hardship. While he disagreed with his parents on a number of political topics, he did little to actually work toward change on his home world. In fact, he did little but indulge his own whims until the day Krypton was destroyed and Daxam was soon to follow suit. Escaping in a pod, he drifted through space and time until somehow the pod made it to earth and crashed, unceremoniously, in the middle of the woods in upstate New York.

Fortunately for Mon-El, he received some help by the people that found him, who managed to explain where he was, and help him get some false identification so that he could make his own way. He worked there for a while at a lumber yard until he had some control and basic understanding of the world. Eventually, however, as a creature of city comforts back in Daxam, he was drawn to New York City and the potential that it might hold. He managed to get himself a job as a bartender on arriving into town and, with the aid of his considerable abilities, found that when trouble found him — he had more than sufficent ability to fight back. An encounter with a gang fight earned him the motorcycle he now rides, and the rush of fighting again is now in his blood.

Still, he is adrift, the sole survivor of his people on this strange planet. To go from being a Prince with no end of attention and constantly surrounded by people, to this more solitary life, has not been easy on Mon-El, now Mike Matthews. He's hoping the city may provide for more opportunities to learn about other "unusual" folk out there.

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  • Daxamite Physiology: Normally, his capabilities are that of a normal human save when charged by a blue or yellow sun. The earth's sun gives him a number of special abilities which may be expanded based on the length of his exposure over time. This includes superhuman strength to lift up to 20 tons, speed of up to 200 mph, agility enough to dodge most human attacks easily, and stamina sufficent to fight for a day or so until his energy reserves are depleted (if deprived of sunlight).
  • Solar Energy Absorption: Charges his abilities and direct exposure will increase his ability to heal.
  • Invulnerability: His skin is invulnerabilty to almost all earthly weapons; however, he can still sustain damage from extreme exposure to electric shocks, radiation, and other bursts of energy, likely due to his short time under the exposure of the yellow sun. This includes immunity to disease and an extremely high resistance to toxins on earth.
  • Accelerated Healing Factor: His solar-charged metabolism allows him to burn calories at a rapid rate, as well as heal from minor wounds almost instantly and extremely grave wounds with direct exposure to the sun. This also contributes to an increased longevity due to the replacement of aging/damaged cells, extending his lifespan significantly beyond that of a normal human.
  • Electrosynthesis: His cells absorb electrical energy surrounding him and he can manfiest that energy as a power source as well as use it to regenerate.
  • Super Leaping: With minimal effort, he can propel himself to the top of a skyscraper and could also propel himself across a similar distance horizontally.



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