None as Moe
Name: Moe
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: Bamf
Codename: Moe
Position: Gremlin/Imp
Hometown: Hell
Partner(s): NA Height: 21"
Father: Azazel Weight: 20lbs
Mother: NA Hair Color: Red
Siblings: Lots Eye Color: Yellow
Children: NA


'Moe' doesn't really have much of a history, per se. He is a top minion for the demon Azazel, and has been such since his creation. He is an imp, one of those things the medieval minds blamed plague upon, insanity and the persistant imbalance of humours. His daily, day to day routines have been consumed with bringing information to his master and tormenting the occasional soul. His mission now? sent from Hell to the mortal plane in search of a rogue operative. His mission is clear; find them, return them in any way he may know how.

IC Events



  • Teleportation: The bamf uses the dimension referred to as 'hell' as a tunnel when beginning on one side and ending upon another, sending a ripple of 'existance' through it. (Thus are his movements tracked, should they need to be by the infernals!) Moe can teleport blind, that is, land in areas with which he is unfamiliar, and then can be used as a 'beacon' for other teleporters to home in on, should they catch his 'signal'. He can carry one other, but only one, and the passenger will suffer fatigue and disorientation if they are not accustomed to teleporting.


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