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Mojo is the pinnacle of evolution among his kind, the Spineless Ones — he is many decades old and still in the prime of his life. Unlike others of his psychically-sensitive forefathers, Mojo's people chose to keep their spineless form instead of binding themselves into advanced exoskeletons early in life. Over the last decades, Mojo's race has been both influenced and tormented by waves of information that seeped into their dimension from Earth.

Because of his particular telepathic abilities, Mojo quickly rose to a position of power in a culture that relied heavily on Earth-influenced telecommunication and media. Of course, Mojo's people have long-since outstripped Earth technology and media sciences, as they were far ahead to begin with. Mojo's influence, bolstered by the proliferation of media and television among the worlds his people have conquered, is such that his own planet has been renamed Mojoworld and his dimension is known as the Mojo Dimension.

Mojo's obsession with Earth flourishes as Earth's telecommunications technology advances and visual media evolves. He is powerful enough that he is ready to make the leap — an interdimensional step — into the world that gave him the foundation of his empire. He wants nothing more than to see Hollywood in action for himself and to bring the spectacle of Earth back to Mojoworld.

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  • MAGICAL CREATURE: Mojo is capable of manipulating magical energies and casting spells. His present level of ability is focused on projection — energy bolts as weapons — and teleportation. It is possible for Mojo to teleport intradimensionally but he has also successfully teleported to other dimensions along "line of sight", any view of his destination whether in his head, on a screen, or in actual eyesight.
  • MIND CONTROL: Mojo has a hypnotic ability to influence people's thoughts in any way he sees fit. If people view him, or his creations meant to influence them, they will be swayed increasingly toward doing his will. This can be resisted by those with strong wills or immunity to telepathy, its power increases with proximity and length of exposure to the source of the manipulation.
  • LOVE SPONGE: The psychic energy of admiration and adoration increases Mojo's power, even at a distance. If he, or his creations, are viewed and elicit a positive response, his personal power increases. There is no known limit to how much of this affection he can store. This, when combined with his visual media productions, creates a massive feedback loop of ever-increasing psychic energy and a desire for the victims to consume more of his media and, in doing so, love him even more. This can build until his power is nearly godlike.
  • SPINELESS ONE: Though spineless, Mojo does have a unique skeletal and muscular structure that makes him both inhumanly strong and incredibly flexible. His skin is also very durable, as it must provide much of his physical structure and resist damage if Mojo is moving on the ground without his chair. His healing is accelerated compared to human rates of recovery and he will not fall ill to most terrestrial diseases.
  • UNLIFE: Outside his home dimension, Mojo destabilizes the natural order of things. His presence leads to decay, death, and disruption of living things and natural phenomena such as weather systems. This disruptive capacity also applies to attempts to use mutant powers on him (canonically, he is immune to Rogue's abilities and is likely resistant to Omega-Red's life drain, with many more possibilities).


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