Kat Dennings
Kat Dennings as Morgan Le Fay
Name: Morgan Le Fay
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: N/A
Codename: Morgan
Position: Sorceress
Hometown: Camelot
Partner(s): NA Height: 6'2"
Father: NA Weight: 140 lbs
Mother: NA Hair Color: Black
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Green
Children: NA


Morgan Le Faye, a half faerie, was born to Igraine, a royal of Avalon, and Gorlois. Her mother later married the King of Camelot: Uther Pendragon. Through this marriage, Morgan would acquire several siblings, including Arthur Pendragon, who would become the King of Camelot.

While her mother took to the palace, Morgan ended up in a nunnery where she would be raised in the care of nuns and under the tutelage of Merlin, a powerful sorcerer. She learned much from Merlin, and had promised to take these lessons to heart, but when given the opportunity, took to the dark arts.

As an adult, Morgan married King Uriens of Gorre, becoming a queen in the process. During this season, her brother promoted Pauline Christianity in his kingdom, winning his sister's ire in the process. As a follower of Chthon, and a proponent of the Dark Holders cult, she waged a silent war against her brother, and plotted his death time after time. It was only when Arthur finally died that she found some semblance of peace.

That peace, however, was short-lived. Soon, Morgan felt the need to gather an army for Chthon, and drew dark forces around her to overthrow the forces of Earth. While her efforts were formidable, they were put down by other mystics, and her army became overpowered. As a result, she was banished into the realm of hell. It was only through a deal with Chthon that she managed her escape…

IC Events


  • Oh So Charming: Morgana is a sorceress. She can cast a wide range of spells and can employ magic to do her bidding. She is capable of drawing on magic in all of its elemental forms to her desired effects (including cryokinesis, pyrokinesis, and energy bolts). She can perform telekinesis through magic, and can use spells to weaken others' wills — thereby encouraging them to do whatever she wants. Her abilities also include the capacity to locate others, although this requires acquaintanceship with those she aims to find.
  • Really Real: Morgan can warp reality when in the range of an intended target (specifically her line of sight). Consequently, she can transform what the world sees and create a reality all her own. This means that she can simulate reality for those around her.
  • Zombie Call: Morgana can reanimate the dead. She can raise dead bodies in fealty to her and her cause.
  • Eternity Calls: Morgan suffers from immortality. While this is an effect of her half-faerie origin, she cannot be killed. While she has been killed many times, she always comes back to life. In fact, she survives all effects to her body, including getting her head chopped off, having her physical form destroyed, and getting stuck on the astral plane. Ultimately, killing Morgan seems to be an impossibility.
  • POWER UP: In extreme situations, Morgan may grant and bestow powers on others. These are only mystical in nature, and will only last as long as her whims. Which… is never very long.
  • Beam Me Up: Morgan can move easily from one space to another by drawing on magical energies.
  • Disguised: Morgan is a shape shifter and can change her body and form. Consequently, she is capable of both growing and shrinking in size and occupying any body her mind puts itself to. Including, beasts.
  • Transmutation: Morgan can transform objects from one state of being to another. This includes transforming inanimate objects into monsters of her choosing.
  • Illusions: Morgan can create illusions in others' minds. For this, she must have contact with the target in some way. These also enable her to enter others' dreams and exploit nightmares.
  • Astral Projection: Morgan can project herself and enter a spiritual form. While in her spiritual form she can still use her magic, and can engage with the world outside her physical body. Her physical body, in this state, is still prone to attack, and while in astral form, she may be prone to psychic or mystic attacks.

On Game History

  • Morgan Le Fay made a deal with Chthon to open a Hellmouth in Central Park (enacting her release from Hell): the nature and purpose of that deal is still mostly unknown, but it seems she aimed to reap Earth and create a new age
  • During her time on Earth, Morgan gathered numerous would-be mystics and temporarily powered them to her own ends; where she found them remains thus far unknown (investigation could reveal this — page Obtuse if you have questions, want to plot around this)
  • Morgan died by iron poisoning at the last standoff for the Hellmouth before getting banished back to hell by Doctor Strange.



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