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Name: Allard Hettinger Lombardo
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Codename: Mr.Smith
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*Born in Sicily to Jewish parents Allard's early youth is spent helping his father with his tailoring business, and writing for the local news paper. He gives every penny back to his parents in the hopes of building a better life.

*As the government reels and does its best to re-establish itself Allards schooling slacks, and La Casa Nostra begins to take hold. As requirements for protection money grow his father has no recourse but to take out a rather large loan in order to move across the sea to America.

*Allard continues to help support his parents, as soon even his mother needs to find work as to help pay off his fathers new debt. The interest rate proves so high most nights even with work the family can barely afford food.

*Seeing no other option Allard decides to turn to theft in order to pay his fathers debt. Setting his sights on a New York Jewelry store he fashions himself a crude mask from an old cloth sack, and simple all black uniform in the hopes of hiding his identity. He breaks into the back of the building, only to find it already ablaze, and with quick thinking manages to save the lives of four people.

*His first time out a complete disaster he returns home later that night with only a single diamond to show for it. The next morning his father brings in the paper, and it turns out that the media had branded him a hero for his deeds christening him The Hooded Shadow.

*Later that night he returned the diamond beginning his time as The Hooded Shaddow. Working for the next several years as something of a hired hero. Right up to the outbreak of the first world war.

*With the outbreak of The Great War Allard fled the US seeking to re-find himself on the front lines of combat.

*During this time he raids the front personally tagging along with existing troops as something of a legend, raiding central powers camps, and even on the rare occasion leading a charge himself with sword drawn.

*His exploits become the work of pulp novels, which he himself writes as a way of earning income. Starting up his own publishing company in order to sell his stories far and wide.

*Following the war he returns home to find it not quite where he'd left it. His father having taken to gambling to help pay back his debts only managing to get into more debts with worse people.

Using his funds from his early publishing business, he tries to pay off the ever increasing debts to no avail, yet when prohibition rolled around he saw himself an opportunity.

*With connections made during the war, and his image as the Hooded Shadow, Allard starts up his own secret business of smuggling in liqueur from up north, and even bottling it himself in the back rooms of his publishing house to help bolster profits and try to keep up with his fathers debts.

*To the end of prohibition business booms bringing it from a one building operation to a large expanse able to not only pay off his fathers debts in full but fuel a small empire of sorts.

*For a time Allard drops the title of Hooded Shadow, focusing on his steadily growing business. He only on rare occasion throws on his old costume in order to drum up more support for book sales and adventure tales, using the books to legitimize his earnings.

*The end of prohibition in 1933 brings with it an end to easy profits yet already his 'family' has grown to be something respected in hushed whispers. Business still holding strong even through the great depression.

*With the outbreak of the second world war Allard tried to stay out of it best he could. He was a businessman now he had more important things to do. He started writing a series of war time comics to promote bail-bonds, and help cover up his counter-fitting sure but there was no real reason for him to get involved.

*As the foreign atrocities mounted overseas and he heard of what had been happening however, even as he wrote his stories it became harder and harder to ignore.

*Finally with the bombing of pearl harbor he stepped in. Using his funds from his illicit operations Allard, now having taken on the Identity of Mr.Smith for his criminal operations began to fund a counter movement in his home territory of Sicily, against the facist government that had taken over.

As the war raged on he funneled more and more personal funds into helping out his 'family' over-seas. Eventually realizing he could do more Smith personally re-donned a new Hooded Shadow costume, and proceeded to personally join in on the fighting leaving his organization in the hands of his eldest son.

*For the next several years up to the end of the war in Italy Allard fought and lead his troops hidden behind the mask of the Hooded Shadow. Yet he was already getting very much on in years and couldn't quite keep up. Often he sent other trusted members of his family ahead of him in costume to keep the myth alive.

*Yet in the last days of the war Allard was captured, and unmasked in a public square, one of the final acts of a failing government. Death an almost certainty he consigned himself to it before eventually managing to lead an escape from the POW camp they had been placed into. Finally he eventually made it home to the states and regained his place as the head of his own personal crime family.

*Following the war, Allards company switched fully from the production of pulp novels to comic books, becoming one of the bigest comic companies in New-York by 1960.

Having hung up his mask for good Allard now mostly known as Mr.Smith spends his days handling company affairs, and making public appearances. Yet behind the scenes he still lives that double life to the fullest, on the one hand a public elderly figure teaching children releasing comics, on the other one of the powerful crime bosses of New York.

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