{$actor} as Murrey Jules Morrey
Name: Murrey Jules Morrey
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: Goodman & Lieber
Codename: Mree
Position: File Clerk
Hometown: London, England
Partner(s): The World Height: 6'2"
Father: Murrey Morrey Weight: 145#
Mother: Lacie Morrey Hair Color: Blonde/Green
Siblings: 3 younger Eye Color: Hazel
Children: Quite Possibly


urray Jules Morray was named for his father. When he was born, nobody thought that he would survive for long. He was a sicky green color on arrival, and they put him in an oxygen incubator, only to find him worsening in health. Finally they took him out, and gave him to his mother, who held him in the hospital courtyard, weeping as she expected his imminent death. But the boy recovered in his mother's arms and the warm sunshine, and, even though he was pale, he gained somewhat more of a normal complexion. He was let home with his mother and father and began to grow and thrive. He was soon joined by a little brother, and then a little sister, both of less unusual coloration. His own complexion grew more markedly green as he grew; never GREEN green, but the tinge under his pallor became unmistakable. It wasn't too much longer before he began to sprout odd growths from his jawline, which his parents had surgically removed several times, but they kept growing back. Eventually they quit the doctor altogether and just kept pruning him themselves. When he began to grow a tail and his mother got pregnant for a surprise fourth time, they decided that God had sent them a replacement, and they sent Murray overseas to a family that agreed take him in. The next boy was named Murray, and life went on for the Morrays. And for Murray, he ended up in rural West Virginia, with a family who was collecting mutant children to try to pray them back to normal. Many of the children there were abused, but Murray missed the worst of the treatment; he was very well-behaved and put up with the praying and the applications of holy water without any complaint or squirming, so he never provoked worse 'treatments.' But his tail kept growing, and as he hit puberty he went through the flowering for the first time, and his adoptive parents chilled out substantially through the summertime and autumn, making it almost feel like a family with a constantly blissed out set of parents letting the kids do as they pleased. When winter came, they came out of their drugged state and started taking out their lost summer on the children, and especially on Murray. Not enjoying this new treatment, he decided to be away, and discovered his airy form. He spent most of that next year as a mist, just getting used to the form and drifting through the pale grasses and evergreens, watching them come into spring, through their summer skins, into the fall again, through the winter. He got into the blood of the beasts of the land, and would have lost himself to nature if the call of human company weren't calling him back.

He landed in the outer suburbs of Washington, DC, meandering down the banks of the Potomac to civilization. He was not, let's just say, warmly received on his arrival, and he had several beatings dealt his way before the he found anybody at all sympathetic to his plight, who passed him along secretly to a doctor in the area who let him crash at his house while getting into contact with some friends of his elsewhere and trying to make arrangements for him there. It was in NoVA the doctor's teenage daughter taught him how to drive (among other things), and he enjoyed long drives down Skyline Drive in her company. With a new goal in mind, he set his mind to work, doing sorted easy and unskilled tasks for money, which earned him enough for his own beat-down old vehicle and allowed the doctor he was staying with to see he was willing to work for a living, which helped him immensely in finding him a situation as a gofer and file monkey at a mutant-friendly law firm in New York. When he was told where he was going, he didn't fly there, but drove, and found a place where he could at least eke out an existence for himself in the impressive streets of the towering city.

IC Events


  • Microfloral: At will, Mree can instantly dispel his form into c. 32 billion individual microflora, all telepathically linked to one another with one consciousness and invisible to the naked eye. Contact with fire and salt will destroy individual microbes, but they can reproduce asexually in sunlight at a rate of one division every three hours until the full number of microbes is restored. The microflora can move at will; they can travel at around a rate of seventy miles per hour, plur or minus depending on the drift of the wind. They can extend through a space of up to twenty meters in diameter.
  • Telepathic Parsitism: If any of his microflora are inhaled by a biological creature, he will enter the blood stream through the lungs and create a telepathic link with his new host. He can read thoughts and produce vivid dreams and hallucinations which seem in all ways real to those experiencing them. He can give a general push in a direction ('here comes someone you care a great deal about' 'look out, it's the animal you're most afraid of!') and let his host's mind fill in the specifics and let him tinker more closely. He can inhabit as many people as can fit in his 20-meter radius, but he can only create up to two hallucinations at a time for a maximum of ten people total. He is perfectly capable of navigating his way out of the blood stream again.
  • The Flowering: Mree flowers with a downy, feathery fluff periodically, depending on the season. In spring and early summer, he flowers about once a week, in late summer and early fall he can flower almost every day, until the chill air comes settling in and he only flowers about once a month in the cold. Mree can shed the downy fluff once it grows in, and the pollen he produces results in a deep druglike buzz for those who inhale it. The high lasts an average of four hours, adjusting for the metabolism/specfics of the person involved, or on how dispersed the effect is. In the peak season of his blossoming the fluff tends to just float off of him periodically as it re-grows daily, and the effect can become involuntary.
  • Regrowth: Mree is plantlike in physionomy and will re-grow lost limbs and heal himself over time. He needs sunlight and rest to do so, though, and it can be a lengthy process.


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