Taron Egerton
Taron Egerton as Nathaniel Grey
Name: Nathaniel Grey
Birthdate: 08/15/1942
Faction: X-Ternals
Codename: X-Man
Position: Time - Displaced Mutant
Hometown: A Laboratory.
Partner(s): None Height: 6'1"
Father: Complicated Weight: 140lbs.
Mother: Complicated Hair Color: Brown with Silver streak.
Siblings: Also Complicated Eye Color: Blue
Children: Nope.


The World was black….cold…desolate. There were no X-Men, No Brotherhood. Mutantkind and Humanity faced dreadful cruelty. Nathaniel Grey first awoke to such a world in a pod created by one Sinister, Then-servant of Apocalypse. Made from the DNA of Jean Grey and Scott Summers, he was intended to be the ultimate mutant..the perfect weapon that SInister would use to vie for power against Apocalypse and become ruler of all! After aging rapidly due to Sinister's experiments, Nathaniel was eventually rescued by one of his Progenitors, Scott Summers, during one of his usual raid on Sinister's territory. Imagine the surprise.

Over the course of a few years, Nathaniel learned how to control his abilities…and master them. However, his abilities exploded in potential. He was considered a shaman to the mutants, a legend. Many looked to him as a powerful weapon against Apocalypse. Others? as a living God that could replace Apocalypse. No matter what the agenda or the motive, Nathan fulfilled his calling as best he could, defending all from Sentinels and the many dangers of the world. However…it all came to a head as Nathaniel and the rest of the resistance made a stand against Apocalypse.

After killing the son of Apocalypse after a terrible battle, Nathaniel realized that the compound both stood on was about to explode. In a desperate act of survival, Nathaniel unlocked the power of time travel, allowing him to vanish from existence before such an event could occur.

Now? he lands in New York city in the year 1965, with no idea what to do next or how to get back to his reality. Quickly realizing he was -extremely- weakened from where he was, but many of his powers were still in tact, he now tries to make sense of this new reality.

IC Events


  • Telepathy- Nate's mutation. Nathaniel Grey is an omega-level mutant and a powerful telepath. He has the innate potential to be far more powerful than he presently is, but because of his rough experience with time travel, his powers might not ever be where they were. That said, His mind is easily his greatest weapon as he possesses full Telepathic powers, which allows him to great mental shields, enter the astral plane, create powerful illusions, control others with a powerful display of mind-control (consent), Link people telepathically, and even manipulate ones own memories(consent). His telepathic range is about 30 miles.
  • Telekinesis- A biproduct of his powerful mind, Nathaniel is an -extremely- powerful telekinetic. Though not where he used to be in terms of raw power, his finesse in this talent makes up for it. He's starting to manipulate certain materials even on a subatomic level, but it's unlikely to become anything anytime soon. His Telekinetic powers affect up to fifteen miles. He can throw the average vehicle as if it was light as air, but can only lift to 20 tons and can consistently lift such a weight for fifteen minutes. He can lift lighter weight for longer. Sadly, he can't knock down Sentinels like he used to. He can create force fields, throw people and objects with his mind, perform concussive blasts that could easily knock the average person unconscious, and, by focusing, fly at a maximum speed of mach 2.
  • Precognition- At times, Nathaniel will receive visions of the future and what's to come. They arn't always accurate and can come at any time. (TP only)
  • Psychometry- Nathaniel is able to 'read' the history of objects that have been touched or used by people. He is able to see what happened when the person used it days or even weeks ago.
  • Psionic Manipulation- A fairly new part of his agenda. Nathaniel is able to manipulate pure, psionic energy for both attack and defense for psionic fire that he can use for beams, blasts, etc.
  • Immortality- Nathaniel is made almost entirely of Psionic energy. THat said, if his body were destroyed, he could rebuild himself. THat said, it's very possible that he's quite effectively immortal. Depending on the damage, it could take him hours, days, or weeks to recover.



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