Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried as Nina "Ninette" Laurent
Name: Nina "Ninette" Laurent
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: Mutants
Codename: Dame d'Hiver
Position: Lounge Singer
Hometown: Paris, France
Partner(s): none Height: 5'3"
Father: Rene, deceased Weight: 118lbs
Mother: Evangeline, missing, presumed deceased Hair Color: blonde
Siblings: none Eye Color: green
Children: none


Ninette sings in a nightclub, and she's known for her femme fatale looks and a voice like a nightingale. She's from Paris, but she's been in New York for about a year now, and she speaks the language as well as she sings it. Which is well, very well. In powered circles, she's known as Dame d'Hiver. She is a mutant with powers over ice and cold. She's kept more or less under the radar, and though she may not be a villain, she's a far cry from being a hero.

IC Events

  • Ninette has been asking around about her mother, unwilling to believe she's really dead.
  • More and more, she's beginning to see there is a lot more to her mother's disappearance and her father's death than she previously suspected.
  • She's become curious about Xavier's School, and she's thinking it might be time to come in out of the cold, as it were, and join her mutant brethren.
  • She's befriended Sofia, who is teaching her self-defense.
  • She went after Bucky when he tried to rob her, freezing his arm and chasing him into an alley. She then interrogated him about her mother, because she heard about a metal-armed man who might know something, but alas, he didn't.


  • Freezing: With a touch, Ninette can freeze about a swimming pool's worth of most liquids. She can induce debilitating frostbite and cause cold burning pain.
  • Impervious to Cold: Freezing temperatures don't affect her. She's as comfortable in a snowstorm as she is in a penthouse.
  • Cold Aura: She can emit an aura of cold around her in up a twenty foot radius. The aura is cold enough to create a layer of frost over objects as well as causing breath to frost. It's not really dangerous, but it's an uncomfortable and sudden snippet of winter around her.



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