Dame d'Hiver
Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried as Nina "Ninette" Laurent
Name: Nina "Ninette" Laurent
Birthdate: 04/04/1943
Faction: Lex Talionis
Codename: Dame d'Hiver
Position: Lounge singer, secret chef
Hometown: Paris, France
Partner(s): None Height: 5'3"
Father: René Laurent, deceased Weight: 115 lbs
Mother: Evangeline Laurent, missing Hair Color: blonde
Siblings: None Eye Color: green
Children: None


Nina Laurent goes by Ninette, the nickname her father gave her. Her father was a famous chef in Paris, until his mysterious death in a walk-in freezer. Ninette was there, and she's not sure if it was an electrical malfunction that killed and froze him or her own powers lashing out. In truth, it was sabotage and he was murdered, but she only has suspicions about the truth, not evidence.

Ninette's mother disappeared when she was only four, and her whereabouts are still unknown to this day. It's a big question Ninette would love to have answered, but there's only so much she can do with a cold trail. That story goes deeper still, into espionage, treason, double-crossing, and murder.

With only a busy father to raise her, Ninette went to the best boarding schools, where she enjoyed the privilege of having her talent for music and beautiful singing voice nurtured. In the time she did have with her father, he taught her how to cook, delighted that she had inherited his knack. She loved being in the kitchen, and to this day it reminds her of some of the happiest times in her life. She also had a head for numbers, and by the time she was sixteen, she was doing the books for her father's restaurant.

Her powers manifested when she was a teenager, and at first she couldn't control them. Her father witnessed them in action, and he helped her keep her secret, mortified by the idea that people find out his beloved child was a mutant. Eventually, she learned to control them, but it necessitated her keeping control over herself, rendering her cold and miserly with her emotions.

After her father died, Ninette was on her own. She sold the restaurant, took her inheritance, and invested it. Financially, she was set for life, but she was lonely. She bounced from one bad liaison to another, and the bad experiences left her even more cold and unwilling to open herself up to other people.

Since there was no way she'd get a job as a chef, being a woman in the sixties, she pursued a singing career. She was good, and making a name for herself, however a few incidents regarding the use of her powers and lashing out at people who hurt her made Paris a dangerous place to be. She was close to being found out. So she came to America and got as a lounge singer. She's starting small, but she's good enough to make it all the way. The question is can she handle fame and the risk of being revealed as a mutant?

IC Events

  • Gets job singing at Lux.
  • Puts the freeze on Bucky Barnes when he tries to steal her purse.
  • Gets weekly job at Xavier's Institute teaching music.
  • Is bitten by werewolf, but Josh creates anti-bodies, rendering her immune.


  • Freezing: With a touch, Ninette can freeze about a swimming pool's worth of most liquids. She can induce debilitating frostbite and cause cold burning pain. She could even kill someone if they were exposed to her freezing touch long enough, as their blood would freeze in their veins.
  • Impervious to Cold: Freezing temperatures don't affect her. She's as comfortable in a snowstorm as she is in a penthouse.
  • Cold Aura: She can emit an aura of cold around her in up a twenty foot radius. The aura is cold enough to create a layer of frost over objects as well as causing breath to frost. It's not really dangerous, but it's an uncomfortable and sudden snippet of winter around her.
  • Ice Queen: Ninette's cold power can draw water out of the air, creating ice. The more humid the air, the more ice she can pull. On a foggy or day she could cover something the bread box in a one-inch layer. On a day where it's pouring rain, she could summon enough to encase a small car. On a dry day, she might be lucky to summon an ice cube. To cover something in ice she must touch it. She can shape the ice, e.g. she could create a jagged icicle in her hand, or a frozen ball of ice, or a sculpture of roughly a third-grader's skill.



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