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Noemi Noronha was the second child in a family of six and grew up in Rhode Island. Her father was career navy enlisted; her mother worked part time as a cleaning woman. It was tight, but alright, until Father died at Inchon. Then it was VERY tight indeed.

Noemi had kept up adequate academics despite being impressed into service as a childcare figure and housekeeper, but bills mounted up. She dropped out of high school in the ninth grade and got a job as a waitress. And oh, did that help! Until that diner closed, but before then they could afford a TV. After that she got a job at a jewelry place, mind-numbingly piecing together things in part of a production process.

Somewhere along here she changed. She doesn't know exactly when. The shifts were long even if the pay was nice, and everyone was simply so busy. She had probably looked pale for weeks beforehand. But a threading tool went wrong and jabbed her RIGHT DEEP in the finger and what came out was some kind of clear oil and not blood.

Paranoia. Panic. She stopped talking to her family that much, but after a heart-pounding month of isolation — well, the fine people from the Institute in New York came to her. They were kindly. They were calm. Financially things would be alright; her older brother Paolo was about to get out of high school anyway and had his own eye on a job at a mill. (He hadn't noticed anything was wrong. Nor had mom. The younger children didn't seem to quite register things either.) And at long last, she could go back to - school?

So it seemed. It took Noemi several months to open up due to the mixture of humiliation at being so behind everyone as well as the general economic shame of having been POOR - but at least she had something that was… well, safe, to engage with them all about, a common experience. Some kind of horrible mutation over her entire body that let her control, it was determined after some experimentation, silicon compounds. (Previous to this Noemi's best guess was that it was glass.)

By now, she's confident that nobody at all can even tell. She's SURE nobody can tell. She doesn't like being pressed on the matter much.

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  • SILICON CONTROL: Noemi's mutant powers allow her to control compounds made of silicon — including her own transfigured body! This is limited mostly by the need for her to have near-direct physical contact to manipulate and control these materials.
  • WEIRD BODY: Left to her own devices, Noemi's body is a mixture of silicon-rubber compounds, carbides, and so on in a general approximation of a human's body shape. She can pass for human just fine with a little makeup. This gives her a few advantages, too: she doesn't need to eat or drink (and technically doesn't need to breathe, though she has a psychological hangup on that front), is resistant to most poisons and biological weapons (unless they either affect silicon based lifeforms, somehow - or, more drearily, mutants), and can absorb really stunning amounts of blunt force trauma… though it can send her flying away pretty easily, too. As a final bonus she is effectively immune to electricity due to being non-conductive.
  • SILICONE OIL: Noemi can spray a highly polymerized siloxane liquid from her fingertips or tear ducts. The main use for this is to create a slippery patch or to un-gum some kind of machinery, but silicone oil has some other roles in the electrical industry and is an excellent thermal conductor.
  • SHAPING AND RESHAPING: Noemi can alter the shape and structure of materials that have a pretty generous amount of silicon in them, allowing her to make holes in walls, fix holes in walls, do sculpting, and generally manipulate the shape of these materials. (Silicon is a very common element in stone but is pretty rare in a lot of man-made materials, with the exception of concrete and glass.) This requires her to be touching the whatever-it-is (or, in an absolute pinch, NEARLY touch it - a thin layer of cloth isn't a total barrier) and her ability to affect its shape extends to about ten feet from wherever she touches. While she can't make it fly, she can produce shapes that won't support themselves, although they'll start breaking apart if they leave that ten-foot zone of control.
  • PASS THROUGH THE EARTH: Noemi can ALSO phase herself into and through objects that are silicon-rich. This involves actually melting her body down and moving as part of the stone. In this form she has a loose sense of where things are - it's more of a feeling out for areas that aren't ones she can pass through. She can't effectively take objects or other people with her, however, although she might be able to get away with a very small object that she moves around in a "bubble" inside of her.


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