Doctor Octopus
Ernest Borgnine
Ernest Borgnine as Dr. Otto Octavius
Name: Dr. Otto Octavius
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: Villain
Codename: Doctor Octopus
Position: NA
Hometown: Eastern Europe
Partner(s): NA Height: 6'6"
Father: NA Weight: 800 lbs
Mother: NA Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Brown
Children: NA


Otto Octavius grew up in Eastern Europe, a brilliant young man who went to university in Switzerland on a scholarship. When war broke out in Europe, he moved to America. Here, he got his doctorate at Empire State University, where he eventually received a research position. As an engineer and physicist, he began working to help the disabled, having seen so many veterans come back from the war with missing limbs.

The tentacles he invented could be far more than that, superhumanly powerful, useful for even industrial work. A laboratory accident, however, lead the tentacles to be bonded to his body permanently, to his nervous system. The pain and the inhuman feedback of it drove him mad, causing him to lash out, burn down his laboratory and head off into nowhere.

Months later, he emerged again, under a new name: Doctor Octopus. Funding his new research with stolen funds, he became a bank robber, a terrorist and a thug with no scruples. Numerous clashes with vigilantes and heroes have done nothing to quell the terror his name invokes.

IC Events


  • Tentacles: Octavius' body has been fused to four superpowerful tentacles. The tentacles have been constructed of a titanium/carbon steel alloy of Octopus' own design. Due to the accident, they're bound to his nervous system, as much a part of him as the limbs he got at birth. He has incredible fine control with them, capable of even gentle movement. But at their worst, these are savage weapons, each more than capable of lifting ten tons in and of itself. Combined, their strength is terrifying, enabling him to rip apart bank vaults, tear apart bank cars and, in general, be a real damn pest to banking in New York City.



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