Himself as Ogun
Name: Ogun
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: Superhero Team
Codename: Character Codename
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Hometown: Hometown
Partner(s): NA Height: 5'9"
Father: NA Weight: 145 lbs
Mother: NA Hair Color: Black
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Blue
Children: NA


Ogun's history is shrouded in time and mythology. What is known is that he was once a samurai of great honour and later a commander in the Japanese Imperial Navy. Subsequently, he became a member of the Yakuza, following his own purposes. He has studied under shamans and sorcerers as well as great masters of the martial arts. Over the centuries, he has travelled the world, learning and teaching and, from time to time, taking over new bodies to serve him. Presently, he occupies what seems to be his natural body.

IC Events


  • ALMOST IMMORTAL: Ogun ages very little as the years pass, appearing in his early thirties in his own form. He is very difficult to injure, bleeds little when his flesh is damaged, and can survive injuries to his limbs and organs that would otherwise be catastrophic.
  • EXCEPTIONAL PHYSIQUE: In his own form, Ogun has beyond peak human physique. He is inhumanly fast, powerful, and agile in addition to his supernatural durability.
  • SORCERY: Ogun has magical abilities primarily related to his fighting and spirit powers. He is capable of learning and casting spells, seeing magical events, and performing wards and enchantments, though this is not his focus.
  • SPIRIT FORM: Ogun is able to exist as a spirit, outside his physical form, and is immune to all injury in this state. He can travel by means of teleportation in this form, moving instantly to a person or place he knows or can see. As a spirit, Ogun can possess any sentient being whose will he overcomes — his consciousness becomes theirs, he uses their body as though it was his own. Eventually, he can supplant the original person. In spirit form, Ogun can cast fully-encompassing illusions, resurrect the dead (apparently), and perform many other mysterious forms of magic.
  • SPIRIT IMPRINT: Ogun is able to place people in thrall to his will by magic, he can also imprint his psyche on the minds of those he has enthralled. Through this imprinting, Ogun can shape the other person into an extension of himself with his personality and desires instead of their own.
  • TELEPATHY: Ogun is a powerful telepath, capable of reaching into other minds to learn their thoughts, place suggestions, speak to them, and spy through them.



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