Oliver Cheng
{$actor} as Oliver Cheng
Name: Oliver Cheng
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: NA
Codename: NA
Position: Concierge at The Damask Rose
Hometown: Madripoor
Partner(s): NA Height: 6'
Father: Arthur Weight: 210
Mother: NA Hair Color: Black
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Brown
Children: NA


Generations ago, covetous of those who were chosen over their own to undergo terrigenesis and receive their birthright, a small clan on Attilan managed to steal a very small collection of crystals before fleeing the reclusive nation. They would keep their own council with regards to who was worthy of terrigenesis — all of them, of course, members of their own family.

Born in 1936, Oliver Cheng is completely oblivious as to this aspect of his family's history. He believed himself to be the entirely normal only child of an entirely normal Madripoori crime boss. He never knew his mother and was raised instead by his father and the upper echelons of the syndicate. He was, as one might expect, a troublemaker and frequent guest of his school's detention sessions, right up until he stopped attending school at all. He found the family business more compelling than math tests… and so, his training began in earnest.

Driving, fighting, learning how to handle a gun — much of what Oliver went through was what one would expect an heir of one of Madripoor's crime syndicates to endure. But something about the entire process struck him as odd. Not odd enough to stop, of course, and he embraced his role as a street-level enforcer with enthusiasm… right up until things changed.

He was seventeen when a group of relatives came to visit, all of them closer to his father's age than his own, if not older. His father was practically showing him off to them which, yes, was a bit weird… but their responses to it were far weirder. The family line was saved! They had nearly given up hope for this generation, but they had a true heir — a worthy candidate.

Oliver never got an explanation. All he got was locked in an airtight room with a strange crystal. He doesn't remember much about what happened in that room… only that, when he emerged, his family was jubilant. The fact that he was walking on the ceiling didn't seem to bother them half as much as it bothered him. And so, as his relatives celebrated long into the night, a confused and frightened Ollie did the only thing that made sense: he ran.

He wound up in the company of a woman who had come to Madripoor to escape the wrath of Hurricane Hazel. Ollie didn't understand why he was so quick to trust her, or why she was so quick to take him under her (literal) wing — only that it was the quickest, easiest way out of the country. He needed some space to get his head together. And so, the two gathered up her things and made for New Orleans.

Oliver has been a loyal employee and protege of Saoirse Llewelyn's ever since. She has helped him understand how to use his powers, albeit not their origins, and trained him to become something more than a mere thug. When she told him she was moving to New York to expand her business, there was no doubt in his mind that he would be going with her.

He'd been in Louisiana too long, anyway. Sooner or later… his family was bound to come looking for their heir.

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  • GRAVITY MANIPULATION: Oliver has the ability to manipulate gravity as it pertains to specific objects (including people) or within a space, either increasing or decreasing its effects. The larger the object or space he's attempting to effect, the less refined his control; conversely, with smaller objects, he can be much more precise. The more intense the effect he's going for, the more concentration it takes for him to maintain it — and he finds weightlessness a far easier thing to hold onto for any length of time than crushing force.
  • Most commonly, he uses his powers like a telekinetic would, or to allow himself to fly. Its initial manifestation had him walking on the ceiling, and he's learned how to use it to do things such as sticking to walls, basically altering his own gravity such to say that the wall was 'down'. He has escaped more than one cop by lowering /their/ sense of gravity and giving them a good hard shove in the opposite direction; by the time they'd drifted out of range and returned to normal, he'd had a good head start.
  • In theory, Ollie can effect anything within his line of sight. However, the further away something is, the more difficult he finds it to exert any meaningful effect over them. Anything within a hundred feet of him is fairly basic, but once an object or person is beyond that range, the effect begin to drop off fast.


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