Omega Red
Vassily Stepanov
Vassily Stepanov as Arkady Rossovich
Name: Arkady Rossovich
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: Department X/Red Room
Codename: Omega Red
Position: Loose Cannon
Hometown: Leningrad (St. Petersburg)
Partner(s): NA Height: 6'11"
Father: NA Weight: 425 lbs
Mother: NA Hair Color: Blond
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Red
Children: NA


Arkady Rossovich was a starving orphan, barely surviving in St. Petersburg, when he manifested during the 1905 Russian Revolution. His mutation saved him at the same time that it made him into a scion of death. Unable to cope with the reality of his mutation, he adapted by becoming a sadistic sociopath. For a time, his killing spree went unnoticed in the chaos. He drifted from war to war, from crisis to crisis, hiding the deaths he caused under cover of battles and plagues. He drew the attention of the Russian government toward the end of World War I — his bone-while skin and golden hair made him hard to miss, even in the muck and horror of the war. He was captured by a specialist battalion trained in hunting mutants and sent to a program he knows best as Shashka, after the iconic Russian sword.

Arkady was a fine test subject for Russia's own "super soldier" program. His healing factor made him impossible to kill with all the testing of implants and the harsh training that he was forced to undergo to make him useful to his Motherland. The testing and mutation program culminated in the government implanting Arkady with twin carbonadium tentacles.

Carbonadium is a flexible, malleable, but slightly more fragile alloy of adamantium. The tentacles are used as weapons and to better deploy Arkady's Death Factor. The implants cause constant damage to Arkady's body and he is forced to bolster himself with life force drained from other people. This means that, if he has no willing allies present, he continues to operate as a serial killer in addition to the destruction he causes as a weapon of the Russian state. Arkady remains, in part, a mystery to the scientists who have used him for their research.

In theory, there is a device that could be created to stabilize the carbonadium in Arkady's tentacles but no one, as yet, has managed to create a working prototype. When he is not serving the Motherland, Arkady seeks out scientists and engineers who might be able to solve the problem. Perhaps he simply desires to end the inconvenience of relying on others for survival, but perhaps he harbors some vain hope that he might be able to reform himself if he were free of the need to feed on other lives.

IC Events

  • 1965, March: Arkady kills 300 people in the village of Bereslavka, Volgograd Oblast. He later sends Captain America and the Winter Soldier fleeing from the field before engaging with the Black Widow.


  • DEATH FACTOR: Arkady's body generates a rare type of pheromone that he must exude or suffer the effects as they build up in his blood and tissue. The pheromones interfere with the biochemistry of living creatures around him, resulting in weakness, incapacitation, and then death. Arkady is only minimally able to control this function — should he begin to die or lose consciousness from the effects, his autonomic system will activate the release as a survival mechanism. The effect is mitigated by proximity to Arkady, time of exposure, health and stamina, and mutant or superhuman healing factors. Arkady is able to consciously suppress the pheromones for several days at a time but the focus is a burden and he becomes increasingly incapacitated until he collapses entirely. His blood and tissues are toxic even after being removed from his body. The pheromones degrade slowly and cannot be broken down by the biology of most carbon-based life forms.
  • EXCEPTIONAL PHYSIQUE: Arkady is gifted with a superhuman physique thanks to his mutation. He can lift up to ten tons, function at full exertion for as long as a day, survive a fall of several stories or a beating from a powerful mutant, and recover from terrible injuries within minutes. He is faster and more agile than any human and most mutants. He can bolster all of these abilities by adding the life force of others to his own, to the point that he seems unstoppable.
  • LIFE DRAIN: Some unknown factor in Arkady's body allows him to absorb the life force from other beings. This seems to be a function of his Death Factor in conjunction with his carbonadium implants. The tentacles allow him a connection to the other body and serve as a conduit for the life force being released by his Death Factor.
  • MATERIAL MERGE: Arkady's physiology is somehow interconnected with the armor and tentacles provided to him by the government. His powers can be activated through his tentacles and his armor can be healed in the same manner as his flesh. The carbonadium has seeped into his body, requiring him to use his Life Drain to keep the damage at bay, and this may be the bond between his organic and inorganic components.



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