Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe as Orion Calloway
Name: Orion Calloway
Birthdate: 01/24/1946
Faction: X-Men
Codename: Virus
Position: X-Man
Hometown: Athens, Greece
Partner(s): Single, ready to mingle Height: 6'0"
Father: Zechariah Calloway (deceased) Weight: 180lbs
Mother: Dinah Calloway (deceased) Hair Color: Black
Siblings: None Eye Color: Aquamarine blue
Children: None


Orion Marcus Calloway was born in Athens, Greece on the 24th day of January in the year 1946. He lived a quiet life. Spoke the right amount of Greek, was lively as all Greek children are…but by the time he turned eight years old? His mutant powers manifested, his flesh turned into a stone like substance after absorbing concrete…but, after mild panic, he quickly began Learning how to control them better and better with each passing moment….but…other parties found out. An operative of the Hand took notice of Orion's 'special' qualities, and whisked him away from his home, killing his family in the process.

Trained and disciplined, grown and raised, in the Hand's ideals, he became the ideal shadow operative, carrying out assassinations and other misdeeds in their name…until eventually, he was found by a member of the X-Men, and subtly convinced to change his ways to their ideal. He attended and lived at the school, all while rebuking his past with the Hand.

But…that wouldn't be the end of Orion's peculiarities.

Upon one of his earliest missions with the X-Men, Orion discovered a point of impact from a meteor. Upon investigation? The Symbiote named only as Virus latched itself onto him and became it's host. The two share a symbiotic relationship, and appear to at times…be the same person. Accepting Virus as another life to protect, he kept the Symbiote's existence a secret for quite some time.

Now? Now Orion is trying to help the world. Even joining small groups of people in making sure the streets stay safe.

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  • Substance Mimicry- Orion has the mutant power to take on the properties of what he touches. It's a willing absorption and is limited to inorganic/inanimate materials. For example, if he touched titanium, his body (or a specific part of him) would turn into titanium and bear it's properties (namely heavily increased durability).
  • Superhuman Strength- His mutation allows him to lift up to 15 tons. Though When in use of the Virus Symbiote, Orion's strength is enhanced, and he can lift up to about 25 tons.
  • Superhuman Durability- Orion is usually durable enough to survive being thrown through brick walls unharmed. Aside from that, he is as durable as the substance he absorbs. When in use of the Virus Symbiote, Orion is strong enough physically to withstand high calibur bullet fire relatively unharmed and even go toe to toe with some of the strongest of individuals. Though he can still be taken down through blunt force, he can take a licking and keep on ticking.
  • Healing Factor- When wounded, Orion can absorb a further substance to slowly repair himself. So if he absorbed steel, only by absorbing more steel would he be able to recover. But When Virus is in use, Orion can regenerate from all forms of damage….given time. and as long as he doesn't die on impact of the actual blow. If he loses an arm, Virus will help him recover the entire limb over the span of a few weeks. Minur injuries like bullet wounds heal almost immediately. Life-threatening wounds will take a month(s) to recover from without aid.
  • Symbiote Constituent- Matter - When in use of Virus, he can enlarge, reshape, or stretch his body for new and creative means of attack. For example, when in Virus's use, he could change his right arm into a sharp bladed weapon.



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