Green Goblin
Himself as Norman Virgil Osborn
Name: Norman Virgil Osborn
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: Oscorp / Villains
Codename: Green Goblin
Position: Owner & CEO
Hometown: New York City
Partner(s): NA Height: 5'11"
Father: NA Weight: 185#
Mother: NA Hair Color: Auburn
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Green
Children: NA


Norman's background is an all-American story. His father, Ambrose Osborn, was a paranoid narcissist who blamed the world — and Norman — for his failures. Ambrose may have been intelligent but his grandiose delusions made him an unstable outcast in good society. He was physically and emotionally abusive to his son up until his untimely and unexplained death.

What little family wealth there was went to Norman, who leveraged it into a fortune by using it as seed money in a start-up company that developed as Norman pursued an advanced education. Oscorp went public a decade ago and has continued to grow under Norman's obsessive care. Reacting to his helplessness in the face of war and civil unrest, Norman has kept up a private project — the Goblin Formula — which he hopes will some day change the world…or let him change it. His life, to date, has been devoid of any family attachment.

IC Events


  • AS HIMSELF: none
  • GOBLIN FORMULA: The Goblin Formula, an Oscorp Original Product, gives Norman a variety of enhanced abilities:
    • COMBAT READY: The Goblin has a natural affinity for fighting. He requires no training to be an master of martial arts, a near-flawless marksman with any aimed weapon, and an expert strategist. His enhanced intellect and reasoning skills are intricately connected to his physical abilities so that he can grasp how a weapon works or what action is called for in the moment and act on what he knows instantly.
    • SUPERHUMAN PHYSIQUE: The Goblin's body is enhanced to superhuman levels that include the ability to outrun a car, to maintain full speed for over an hour without tiring, to go days without sleep, lift ten tons, resist falls and impact damage, resist piercing and cutting damage to a lesser degree, recover from injuries at many times a normal human rate, react at least four times as fast as a peak human athlete. His intellect is expanded to beyond genius.



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