Tom Holland
Tom Holland as Peter Parker
Name: Peter Parker
Birthdate: 04/01/1946
Faction: Superhero Team
Codename: Spider-Man
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Hometown: Hometown
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Mother: NA Hair Color: {$haircolor}
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IC Events


  • Wall Crawling: His most iconic ability, Peter can affect the molecular bonds between matter, allowing him to 'attach' himself at will to any surface, no matter how slick. Even touching just the tip of his finger is enough to keep him attached even if he was holding several tons.
  • Super Strength: Peter is incredibly strong, able to lift up to 25 tons with ease, and with strain, double that. He can punch strong enough to rend steel, though he will almost always pull his punches as he doesn't want to really hurt people.
  • Super Durability: Spider-Man can withstand terrible impact forces, up to multiple blows from the strongest of foes. He's less resilient to sharp edges, bullets and energy weapons, though he's still roughly four times more resistant to them then a peak human. His immune system allows him to fight off sickness with ease, though he is not completely immune to earth diseases
  • Super Healing: Even if he gets hurt, he heals incredibly fast; for major but not lethal injuries (such as third degree burns or major but not immediately fatal organ damage), he will heal in hours. For minor injuries, he will heal in minutes. He has a high resistance to drugs and toxins,
  • Super Speed: Although he prefers his web slingers for travel, Peter is capable of running fast enough to catch up to a speeding car while on foot, up to a maximum of 60mph.
  • Super Agility: Spider-Man's agility and dexterity are beyond amazing; he is a creature of pure grace in motion, easily matching or beating even olympic gymnasts.
  • Super Reflexes: Peter's reflexes are almost fourty times faster then that of a peak human.
  • Spidey Sense: He has an innate, inuitive sense for danger in his general vacinity. This, combined with his reflexes, allows him to dodge almost any attack regardless of source. He can sense the direction from where the threat is coming (nessecary to effectively get out of the way of it), along with the severity. He can't, however, tell what form the attack will take. 'Threat' is somewhat controlled by what he considers it to be: he considers his secret identity vital so he senses cameras as threats, which helps his secret identity be preserved. (Note: Venom is immune to the spidey-sense)


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