Nicole Beharie
Nicole Beharie as Annamena Pinkerton
Name: Annamena Pinkerton
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: SHIELD
Codename: Poindexter
Position: TBA
Hometown: Harlem, NY
Partner(s): NA Height: 5'0"
Father: John Pinkerton Weight: 110lbs
Mother: Pamela Pinkerton Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Antwon Pinkerton Eye Color: Brown
Children: NA


Annamena had a pretty decent upbringing. It wasn't until she was the age of four, she actually took apart one of the families appliances and they soon realized she was gifted. Even though putting it back together was a challenge, her father pretty much helped her and encouraged her since day one. She kept to herself mostly throughout school, yet when a pack of schoolyard bullies began to pick on Annamena, her brother went to interveine but by the time he had gotten there, Annamena flipped. It was like a light-switch came on, kids were flying left and right, she almost nearly turned that source of rage upon her brother but she was stopped just in time.

They sat down as a family to discuss what happened. Her brother confessed that he was actually, truly scared of what she had become. He mentioned that she didn't look like herself. There were subtle changes to her that only her family or someone being around her all the time would notice. He begged his parents to take Annamena to see a doctor but thankfully, Anna's mother was already on the case.

She told her daughter that to keep that side of her down, she had to forever be happy. It was no big deal to her, she was already a happy kid. Her brother became her keeper in keeping her happy, which.. oddly enough, was infectious. The measure of positivity that the girl leaked out just made everything great again. It was sweet. School flew by, Anna graduated with honors, attended college, and caught the eye of SHIELD. Well, SHIELD caught the eye of her.

The rest? Pretty much aces!

IC Events


  • Jekyll & Hyde: The Epic Nerd Rage - The change that happens within is pretty much night and day. It's a complete personality wipe. When the 'Jekyll' side of her personality is out, she's a normal, meek, logically fueled, full of data and tons of awkward Anna. But when the Hyde personality comes out, its a whole new ball game.
  • Nothing about her- changes- save for the personality and measure of strength. The Hyde personality is usually activated in times of stress or when she feels threatened. (But if she's safe behind guards even in enemy lines, Hyde won't show itself). The Hyde personality side of Anna is able to lift three times her normal body weight (IE: 300lbs), but nothing more. She's not able to punch through steel or metal but she could put a solid dent in it, possibly punch hard enough to make a brick wall unstable. She could also punch a grown man twice her size hard enough to knock him off his feet. That's the extent of her strength.


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