Emma Dumont
Emma Dumont as Lorna Dane
Name: Lorna Dane
Birthdate: 03/17/1996
Faction: The Brotherhood
Codename: Polaris
Position: Mutant Activist, Brotherhood Leader
Hometown: New York, NY
Partner(s): NA Height: 5'7"
Father: Arnold Dane (Adoptive)
Erik Lehnsherr (Biological)
Weight: 115 lbs.
Mother: Suzanna Dane Hair Color: Green
Siblings: Wanda Maximoff (half sister)
Pietro Maximoff (half brother)
Eye Color: Green
Children: NA


Lorna Dane grew up with adoptive parents, not that she knew it, but she was actually responsible for the death of her biological mother and her husband during a tragic accident brought about by her powers unleashing when she was a toddler. She was soon adopted by the Danes, who had her dye her hair brown, and drilled into her the importance of hiding the fact she's a mutant. She felt like something was wrong with her, and that her parents didn't truly love her, but she did as they asked. Life was mostly uneventful, until one day in her Sophomore year in High School, she lost control of her powers.

The incident ruined the school's trophy case with all the glorious sports achievements. A few students noticed Lorna was the source of the incident, and she instantly became a favored bullying target. The Danes didn't want to make a scene, and essentially confirm their adoptive daughter was a mutant, and so neglected to fend for her, and instead sent her to therapy. Eventually Lorna had enough and ran away from home, to avoid going to school, which was living hell for her.

Alone on the streets, Lorna had to learn to fend for herself, struggle for survival, and along the way saw how wide spread anti-mutant sentiment and incidents actually were. She took to training in the use of her powers, stopped dying her hair, and began to take pride in who she was. But she soon found out nobody would rally to the cause of a 21 year old who wanted to change the world.

To that respect she looked to the defunct Brotherhood. That group tried to fight for mutant's rights, had a name at least in Mutant Town, and then disappeared. She decided to adopt the name, and act as an active leader in the Brotherhood. While Polaris was a nobody at this point, the Brotherhood was a recognized name, and she used it to start and build up the resistance. She has no idea she was adopted, and that her father is actually not at all who she thought he was, but in the funny way genetics work, she was already following in his footsteps.

IC Events

  • 01/30/1965 - Lorna has taken over the defunct Brotherhood, and started putting up recruitment drive posters about Mutant Town, her resolve set to take a stand for mutants.
  • 02/03/1965 - One of Lorna's posters drew Manuel de la Rocha to find her, he in turn became her first recruit. Empath joins Lorna's Brotherhood.


  • Mistress of Magnetism: Like her father, Polaris can manipulate metallic objects. She can levitate them, crush them, tear them apart. If a person is wearing enough metal on them, she can also levitate them in the air or toss them powerfully against a wall to knock them out. She could easily swat cars out of her way, bring airplanes down, and eliminate missiles in mid-air.
  • Forcefields: Polaris can form spherical magnetic forcefields, to deflect projectiles and energy weapons. She can also suspend objects in mid-air (or people if they wear enough metal on their person). While normally her forcefield is enough to protect herself, she can extend it to protect a large group, roughly up to 10 people.
  • Energy Absorption: Polaris has the capability to absorb energy through her magnetic forcefields, temporarily boosting her own power through attacks meant to harm her. Be it lightning, plasma, beam weapons, or energy blasts.
  • EMP: Polaris can harness and control magnetic fields to unleash an EMP blast to disrupt and disengage robots, computers and electronic devices that are not appropriately shielded. She can also use this attack as a concussive charge against organics, or destroy vehicles. She can also unleash this attack in the form of lightning. Her range is roughly 12 city blocks.
  • Electromagnetic Sight: Through focus, Polaris can see the world as patterns of magnetic and electric energies. Using this method she is a serious threat to stealthy and invisible threats, as she can spot them by the natural magnetic aura surrounding them.
  • Flight: Polaris can use the Earth's magnetic field to soar the air, playing on attracting and repelling forces. She's far more maneuverable than winged creatures, or jets, able to turn, stop, and shift direction and altitude on a dime. She can generally fly at 400 mph.
  • Organic Iron Manipulation: Polaris can control the natural iron in the blood of a living organism. Able to increase blood flow of people to provide a temporary physical boost, or reverse the blood flow of people to knock them out temporarily. This ability takes fine precision, and demands complete focus.



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