Proxima Midnight
Raja Ilya
Raja Ilya as Proxima Midnight
Name: Proxima Midnight
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: Black Order
Codename: Proxima Midnight
Position: General of the Black Order
Hometown: Thanos' side
Partner(s): Corvus Glaive Height: 7'3
Father: Thanos count? Weight: Hmph.
Mother: NA Hair Color: Blue
Siblings: NA Eye Color: White
Children: NA


Proxima Midnight allied herself long, long ago to the Mad Titan. Her race excelled in combat, one of many to follow under his long, dark shadow in time. After he culled those who would not fall in with his army, he proceeded to watch and wait until the best of its warriors emerged. Bloodthirsty, calculating, and terrifyingly strong, Proxima emerged as a superb tactician even in youth. The Mad Titan selected her as one of his chosen 'children,' proceeding to torment her for her failures and rewarding her every time she advanced. In such a ruthless soul he may have found his own reflection, for she soon became a dreaded presence in the Black Order. His purpose suited her own, and she fearlessly mowed down any opposition on worlds scattered throughout the multiverse.

The Black Order operates mostly independently, though strong enough bonds and unshaken loyalty to their divine leader tie them together. Proxima Midnight clawed her way to the top in no small part for being the iron fist. Her strings of victories earned her the reward of a particularly potent spear that embodies devastating force, the badge of her office as one of the leaders of the Order. She doesn't see the conquest of Earth or any other occupied planets as anything less than fulfilling her destiny.

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  • Proxima is a member of an alien race little seen on Earth. She has unique physiological characteristics that render her mostly immune to terrestrial diseases, toxins, and poisons. Aside from general biological differences, including the location of her heart and function of internal organs, she enjoys a considerably different range of abilities from a bog-standard human.
  • Enhanced Senses: Proxima can see in all but the total absence of light, and mildly into the ultraviolet spectrum. Her hearing is doubly as sharp as any human's.
  • Super Strength: In terms of sheer physical prowess, Proxima is in the top tier of the Mad Titan's army. She holds her own against monstrously powerful opponents, capping out in the 100 ton range at her maximum. Her native strength enhanced by her lord's manipulations let her accomplish truly tremendous feats.
  • Flight: She can fly at speeds up to Mach 5, achieving escape velocity to leave atmospheres. Like the rest of the Black Order, this ability is granted by her master's augmentations. Her leaps and bounds cover vast space, and derive from formidable strength.
  • Super Speed: Proxima moves vast enough to dodge bullets and energy blasts from weapons. On the ground, she moves at Mach 2. Speedsters have a distinct advantage, but she can perceive them and respond accordingly. Proxima's reflex time is enhanced while wielding her spear.
  • Super Durability: Proxima is damn hard to hurt physically thanks to her dense tissues and augmented body. Mundane weapons rarely do damage. Blunt weapons and firearms don't impact her, though magical blasts and eldritch weapons stand a very good chance of knocking her off her feet and leaving marks. Proxima is hard to keep out of a fight, and her nigh limitless energy keeps her coming back even when wounded.
  • Healing: Injuries to her body heal at a much faster rate. Moderate injuries close in minutes, critical injuries in a day. She cannot survive decapitation, massive organ trauma, or death magic.
  • Super Agility: She is exceptionally flexible and nimble, twisting and moving about the battlefield in ways that defy conventional understanding. In part, this is due to her alien physiology and her divine enhancements.
  • Space Stamina: Proxima has no trouble surviving in the vacuum of space, even stripped of her armour or her spear. She is unaffected by extremes of pressure, temperature, or lack of oxygen. However, she cannot breathe underwater and relies on holding her breath. Mind, this can be for a -very- long time.
  • Unaging: Proxima doesn't appear to age thanks to her master's augmentations.



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