Peter Dinklage
Peter Dinklage as Eugene Milton Judd
Name: Eugene Milton Judd
Birthdate: 02/02/1896
Faction: Superhero Team
Codename: Puck
Position: Position/Job Title/Rank
Hometown: Hometown
Partner(s): NA Height: {$height}
Father: NA Weight: {$weight}
Mother: NA Hair Color: {$haircolor}
Siblings: NA Eye Color: {$eyecolor}
Children: NA


IC Events


  • Durability:
  • With a bodily density similar to that of compressed rubber, Puck is capable of taking and withstanding great deals of kinetic damage. Everything from bullets to explosions practically bounce off of his skin and leave him virtually undamaged. This is not to say that he is invulnerable, however. His body will suffer trauma when submitted to extended attacks.
  • Environmental Resistance:
  • Another side effect of his density is his resilience to harsh environments, be it extreme cold, heat, or even toxic.
  • Superhuman Strength:
  • His dense nature has also lead to him being extremely strong. While never fully tested in a clinical environment, it would be safe to assume based on past acts that Puck can lift up to 5 tons.
  • Superhuman Reflexes:
  • Puck is able to react almost instantaneously to his situation, and change his actions rapidly.
  • Superhuman Stamina:
  • Also due to his compressed state, Puck is able to remain at peak levels of exertion without out tiring for extended periods of time.
  • Superhuman Agility:
  • Already a gifted acrobat before he became powered, his agility has only been magnified. Puck is able to leap great distances, and perform complex gymnastics. His trademark attack is a powerful cartwheel that he performs so quickly and forcefully, he can easily take out a crowd of opponents at once.
  • Long Life:
  • The presence of Raazer has also unnaturally extended Puck%<u2019>s life. While his actual age is almost 3/4 of a century, he still appears to be a man in his early to late 30's.


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