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Name: Dimitri Gregorovich Lyagushkin
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Faction: Superhero Team
Codename: Razor
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Dimitri's Parents moved to the United States in the summer after World War II ended. They had a dream. Even if it was just a butcher shop on some no-name corner in 'New York New York of USA' as his dad stated all the time in broken english. Dimitri was around ten years old at the time of the move. His teenage years were spent in the fifties. Greased hair and leather jackets, white t-shirts and bluejeans. Or suspenders, after school marching band. Or he could have been on a sports team. But let's be honest here. He was a greaser. Didn't really stick with any one group. Kept to himself. Got into a lot of trouble as a kid though. Nearly kicked out of school a few times for fighting, break-ins, or other general teenage trouble.

Junior year of high school, he noticed some changes happening to himself that he couldn't explain. Nor could his parents really understand. The fights to take him to the doctor started getting out of control. They ended up with Dimitri kicked out of the apartment above the butcher shop. He was homeless for three or four years. During those times, he found himself turning into something.. strange. It wasn't until he figured out what all he could do after the change was complete that he even embraced any part of it. He was tougher, stronger, could make his hands into anything he could think of. This got him thinking, and break-ins at the school were literally childsplay at this point. He could get into darn near anywhere he wanted. And noone could stop him. Dimitri could take what he wanted, and there wasn't a damn thing the cops could do about it except scratch their heads when their precious guns wouldn't work.

Finally, it came to 1963. He spent new years alone. Often in the last decade across the street from his parent's shop and apartment making sure they were safe. One evening someone came in to rob the place because it was a busy weekend. Dimitri storms in, breaking the front door off the hinges. He grabbed the large 20 inch cleaver off the hook and simply using the back of the instrument, he took the man's arm off. Dimitri's mother and father recognized him. But they didn't know what to say to the mutant in front of them. A full metal man they could see since his low hanging hat had fallen off his head, and high collar on his jacket had fallen down.
After that incident, his parents started getting looked into as Russian spies, sent to America twenty years before the Cold War started, and that would-be thief was trying to uncover them for the neighborhood enemies they really were. At least that's how the media covered it. When authorities arrived, Dimitri was already there waiting for them. He could keep one attempt away. But he is only one mutant. He couldn't keep them away forever. He came back one evening to find his parents gone without any real trace as to where they went or were taken.
And the method by which he fended off the entire attack on his parents home and business? Using the razor sharp extra long cleaver. 'Razor' was the nickname given to him in certain circles. Though a name and a face are never put together to the same guy, but things certainly can change.

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  • Metal Body: Made up of Viverium. From latin vivere, meaning alive. Literally living metal of human form, considering scientifically thats what he is. So when anyone studies him or can gain enough information for it, this is the obvious name. The metal acts like a flesh body, able to become stronger and more resilient with age, training and experience. Vuh-VEE-ree-uhm.
  • Super Strength: He's stronger than a few full grown men put together
  • Durability: He can take quite a beating before being damaged. Pistols and rifles smaller than 50 caliber don't really damage him
  • Super Heavy: He weighs almost 500 pounds in the body size of a 200 pound male, moving him is more difficult, but still possible (picking up, throwing, knocking down, etc)
  • Metal Consumption: He can eat metal to survive, actually more healthy for him than regular food. Cleaner the metal, the better for him.
  • Limited Body Manipulation: He can morph his hands and fingers into small tools.
  • No Air Needed: He has no more need to breathe, except to speak or sigh or laugh, etc.


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