Jay Hernandez
Jay Hernandez as Reno Manolo Cordova
Name: Reno Manolo Cordova
Birthdate: 09/23/1942
Faction: Defenders, Mystics
Codename: Cuervo
Position: Barber & proxy proprietor of Pops' Barber Shop
Hometown: Harlem, NY
Partner(s): None Height: 5'7"
Father: Sgt. Edmundo Cordova (deceased) Weight: 132#
Mother: Maritsa Cordova (in PR) Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Ronaldo (Older) Eye Color: Brown
Children: No, but he did help raise a baby robin once


Reno’s family is of mixed Puerto Rican and Mohican heritage. Fro his indigenous roots he is one of many descendants of Crow; Aandeg guardian spirit taking messages back and forth from the spirit world to that of the living and watcher of mysteries . His father, He who hosted this birthright before him) went off to war and was killed in battle passing his responsibilities onto his son. When his grandmother fell ill his mother left for Puerto Rico to take care of her thereby leaving Reno to live with his aunt and uncle so he could keep going to school. He tried to keep his beak clean but standing up to peer pressure was never his forte and eventually go mixed up with the wrong people, and even did a little time. Now that he’s out he’s trying to start over running the pawn shop for his uncle and staying under the radar and trying to help his cousin keep the streets clean.


  • Clairvoyant: He can occasionally get visions of events coming before they happen with no regularity, and no control over when he gets them. He really wishes he didn't. That shit is almost never good news. The incoming impression is generally not more than a brief flash to a few seconds of information.
  • Crow Form: Reno is a descendant of the native spirit Crow; mediary between the living and the dead in the spirit world. The primary gift of his ancestry allows him to become a large crow. While in crow form he is completely indestructible (this will not heal any wounds taken), can talk (though he has an accent). He can stay in this form indefinitely.
  • Crow Speak: Reno can understand and communicate with crows whether in bird form or not and can ask them to perform favours for him, though he is expected to do the same for them in kind.
  • Death Knell: Like a reaper, Reno knows when someone is close to death, or has just passed. Acquaintances and strangers would have to be someone he's met in passing and would only know of this change in state within a block. For someone close to him (friend, family, teammate) this can happen over any distance.
  • Medium: Reno can see spirits, ghosts, energy beings, astral projection, etc. He has one eye in the 'spirit world' at all times, not unlike a housecat. He has absolutely no say in when they reach out to him, and he has no particular control over them when they make contact to him. While he cannot summon a ghost he can call out to any in the area and they will hear him. THey can choose to ignore him, but they'll hear him.
  • Psychometry: This allows the history of an object or room to be read requiring skin to surface contact. The clarity of details varies with its significance and time passed as objects absorb memory and emotions which imprint on it. The backlash is that he feels all of the emotions present. In example a family antique might tell of its general use or only that it was important leaving him feeling inspired, or maybe nostalgic, where as something used in a murder in the last decade would put his perspective in full detail letting him feel all of the emotions from rage to terror that were adjacent to it at that time.
  • Tracking Feathers: He can 'tag' a target to keep an eye on their 'well being' by giving them a feather of his own. It will alert him to know if they are hurt, or in danger, or grieving (PC consent). He can get a vague impression of their location if the feather alerts him like a kitchen, or inside an Italian restaurant, etc.



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