Himself as Romulus (Unknown)
Name: Romulus (Unknown)
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: Superhero Team
Codename: Romulus
Position: NA
Hometown: Unknown
Partner(s): NA Height: 7'0"
Father: NA Weight: 300 lbs
Mother: NA Hair Color: White
Siblings: rumored: Remus Eye Color: Black
Children: NA


Romulus' past is hidden behind a web of lies where it is not lost to the mists of time. He is likely at least as old as the legends of Gilgamesh. He claims, out of arrogance or a desire to obfuscate, to be one of the first of the Lupine (humans evolved from canids instead of primates). He was once a gladiator in Rome and, later, he joined the ranks of samurai before going his own way in the early 20thC. What is known is that he is of terrestrial origin and that he has, or had, a sister (Remus) at one point. His intersection with other characters can be confirmed by players and plot runners.

IC Events


  • PRIMAL BEING: Romulus is an ancient, flawless human animal thanks to an acquired mutation (it is indicated that he is canonically a mutate, as opposed to a mutant). All of his natural physical abilities are beyond peak human, at the lower margin of what would be considered superhuman.
    • ADAPTATION: Romulus can adapt to any terrestrial environment, surviving for extended periods without shelter even at the extremes of the planet.
    • BONE: Unusually dense bone structure and related connective tissue.
    • AGILITY: Romulus can dodge bullets and perform acrobatic maneuvers with ease. This is innate, not practiced.
    • CHARISMA: With his presence, intellect, and his natural pheromones, Romulus has an exceptional charisma. People and animals are drawn to him as though they understand on a primal level that he is a perfect living creature and fit to rule or advise them.
    • CLAWS: Romulus has retractable claws where other people have fingernails. These are dense and sharp enough to cut through human bone.
    • DURABILITY: Romulus has skin as durable as elephant hide, his musculature and skeleton can withstand the force of a fall ten stories or being hit by a truck.
    • GENIUS: Romulus has a perfect mind. He is beyond peak performance in every function of the human brain. He has, through innate intelligence and observation, developed an exceptionally accurate set of theories around biology, genetics, and mutations.
    • HEALING: Romulus heals quickly and cannot be poisoned or infected. He can also resist the effects of radiation exposure. The worse the affliction or wound, the faster he heals.
    • LONGEVITY: Romulus ages very slowly. He is several thousand years old, at least, and looks like a man in the late years of his prime.
    • SENSES: Romulus has hyper-acute senses that make it possible for him to track by scent, see in the near-dark, and hear a whisper across a room. Each of his senses is honed to the acuity of the most proficient of animals.
    • SPEED: Romulus' reflexes are significantly faster than even peak human. This, combined with his agility, strength, and senses, makes it possible for him to move almost too fast to see. He is notorious for his blitz attacks, which come without warning and are over in seconds.
    • STRENGTH: Romulus can easily toss 800 pounds across a room and he can press two tons overhead. It is possible that he could exert himself more if under duress.



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