Lee Pace
Lee Pace as Ronan the Accuser
Name: Ronan the Accuser
Birthdate: 04/21/1108
Faction: Kree Accuser Corps
Codename: Ronan the Accuser
Position: Supreme Accuser of the Kree Empire
Hometown: Hala
Partner(s): NA Height: 7'9"
Father: Dad Kree Weight: 189 kg.
Mother: Mom Kree Hair Color: Black
Siblings: NA Eye Color: White
Children: None


Ronan is a proud son of the Kree, embodying the highest achievements and darkest impulses of his people. From his noble beginnings, he was afforded the best education and opportunities on Hala. Genetic cultivation put him at the forefront of his generation, and his aptitude tests blew off the scale for intelligence, skill, and wit. He joined the Accuser Corps at a remarkably young age and mastered its lessons, paired with successively more noteworthy Accusers through multiple missions.

Ronan caught the notice of the Supreme Intelligence long before it directed leadership to groom Ronan for his future purpose. His files were already full of accolades for defeating Skrulls and Shi'ar, putting down rebellions, and other cosmic disturbances throughout the Kree Empire. However, his greatest achievement came during his defense of Kree space against an invading Skrull flotilla. With a masterful stroke, he defended the Kree and earned his ranks as the Supreme Accuser, just as many had before him.

Ever since, he has been Hala's greatest enforcer and defender. The Kree remain his foremost concern and he has put himself in harm's way countless times to expand their influence, protect others, and ensure the safety of those who depend upon him.

IC Events

  • 1964
    • December: Addresses the United Nations at the invitation of the Non-Aligned Countries to warn them to deal with the Skrull, who have contrived aggression between the Kree Empire and Earth. The Inhumans are indirectly named.
    • October: Urgent relays summon Ronan to Terra-3.
    • September: Ronan receives a message from Alpha Centauri that ancient Kree transmissions originated from Earth. The transmissions notified Hala that the station implemented the Huran Protocols, a set of defensive and offensive parameters programmed into the network of sites to handle belligerence from Skrulls, humans, and other forces.
  • 1963
    • November: The Supreme Accuser recalls any Kree known to participate in the affairs on Terra-3 for extensive questioning and interrogation on Hala.


  • Kree Physiology: Ronan is a blue-skinned Kree with superior physical attributes. At base levels he can lift 20 tons, augmented to 80 when wearing his armour. At full tilt, he can act for 48 hours without succumbing to fatigue as his body produces no fatigue toxins. He has greatly enhanced durability, allowing him to withstand energy blasts or multiple strikes from a minor gunship. With his greater tissue density, he shrugs off blunt force trauma even caused by nasty falls or punches.
  • Speed: He can dash at 60 mph unassisted. His armour can substantially increase his speed and permit flight at speeds capable of leaving the atmosphere.
  • Healing: Ronan has a rapid healing rate. Injuries that would take days to heal mend in a matter of hours, unless inflicted by magic, energy or sources Kree have a weakness to. He cannot be poisoned by terrestrial poisons, drugs, or toxins.
  • Genius Intellect: Ronan's intellect is outstanding, above and beyond the majority of his already capable kind.



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