Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway as Rosemarie Falcroft
Name: Rosemarie Falcroft
Birthdate: 03/16/1937 (27)
Faction: Superhero Team
Codename: None currently
Position: Librarian's Aide
Hometown: Greenwich, New York, New York
Partner(s): Single Height: 5'8"
Father: Frank Falcroft Weight: Around 140 lb
Mother: Thalia Falcroft Hair Color: Mousy-brown
Siblings: Only child Eye Color: Cinnamon-brown
Children: None


Born to a pair of teachers in mid-March, she was raised in Greenwich Village. The family never had much money for things like traveling and vacations, so Rosemarie spent her time either around the house or playing with the neighborhood children. Many of her childhood friends grew to be flower children, but Rosemarie never experimented with any drugs. She had a bad experience when she was a young teenager at a local St. Patrick's Day parade as well, so drinking became personally questionable to her. Most of her jobs have been in the retail sector and with her childhood so inundated with learning, she steered towards the academic sector once she became a young adult. She currently works at the New York Public Library as a librarian.

A rogue Brood geneticist abducted Rosemarie originally as part of the process of testing the potential for combining Shi’ar and human genes. The fruition of this plan would come in the form of the capture of a Shi’ar royal and experimentation on her unborn child as part of a political revenge move born from a past war.

Rosemarie’s blood type was appropriate for the recombination attempt, though the experiment was ultimately considered a failure; Rosemarie is unable to self-stabilize her vitals without serious effort and focus, which the geneticist considered a flaw as it compromises her basic living abilities as well as her potential to become a biological weapon. This leaves Rosemarie as something of very little interest to the geneticist until (and if) she manages to learn to self-stabilize and remain so on a regular basis.

Rosemarie doesn't remember any of this happening as she received a thorough brain-wiping before being deposited back into her bed. However, her next anxiety attack brought on the emergence of atavistic Shi'ar features, such as feathering, wings, talons, and a change of eye color. Her life has now become a constant battle for self-control and avoiding high-stress situations seems to be the best route thus far. Her memories are currently completely unable to be retrieved, even by the most powerful psychic being. Right now, all she knows are night terrors and the fear of never being able to learn how to keep her powers in check.

After being escorted to Dr. Richard Reed by Johnny Storm in the wake of a change, the scientist was able to devise a stabilizing vest for her to wear. It continually warms her and this, in turn, helps avert the sort of homeostatic stress that would induce a panic reaction. So far, it's been a dream and Rosemarie has been able to return to her job at the library as if the odd moments of winged madness never happened



  • Atavistic Shi'ar Genes: As a result of unsanctioned and highly-illegal genetic experimentation, Rosemarie now sprouts feathers, claws, and wings when under stress. The ends of Rosemarie's fingertips become sharp inch-long talons that can be used in hand-to-hand combat. She's still learning how to use them effectively. With a wingspan not much wider than the reach of her arms, her wings are nowhere powerful enough to allow her to fly. The best she can do is glide and even that is dangerous over even short periods of time.
  • Psychokinesis: Rosemarie is discovering a psychic power that allows her influence people's decisions and behaviors. Acting like the little voice in your gut, this power is still quite small and fails utterly against opponents who possess great psychic powers.
  • Enhanced Strength: When her Shi'ar powers are in action, she can lift much greater weight, about two times as much as the current Olympic record. Can she bench a car? Nope. Wrench a door from its hinges? Probably.
  • Enhanced Healing: Rosemarie now heals at a fairly rapid rate and small cuts heal to scars within half an hour. Larger cuts and dangerous wounds remain a serious problem, though with proper medical care, she will still heal well.



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