{$actor} as Runa
Name: Runa
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: Asgard
Codename: Keeper
Position: Keeper of the Valkyrior
Hometown: Asgard
Partner(s): NA Height: 6'6"
Father: NA Weight: 220lbs
Mother: NA Hair Color: Dark brown
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Blue
Children: NA




Runa was raised in a nearly royal Asgardian family. Her mother was a Valkyrior before her, though not the Record Keeper that Runa became. They were even part of the Nine at the same time for the first couple hundred years of Runa's membership. Her mother is retired now, but her father still is one of the primary Keeper of Tomes in the Asgardian library though, so she really is a product of both her parents. So Runa has spent the last thousand years happily providing the support and guidance that the Valkyior need.

Most recently, Runa has been on a mission to find the Valkyior's in absentia leader, Valkyrie herself, Brunnhilde. Having travelled the Nine Realms in search of Hilde, or at least her soul if she is fallen, Runa has finally opened the Tome of Secrets to discover where the mighty Valkyrie has gone. When she recovered from the experience, Runa knew Hilde is in Midgard, and the city of New York, but the more detailed knowledge did not survive her reading of the Tome. Runa has come to Midgard now in search of her leader, and bends all of her resources to find her.

IC Events

  • Asgardian Valkyrior: Runa has the basic physiology of an Asgardian, and then some. As one of the Valkyrior she is charged with entering any and all battlefields to retrieve the souls of fallen warriors, banishing the unworthy to Hel, and ferrying the worthy to Valhalla. She can thrive in any environment, including the vacuum of space. Physically she's incredibly tough, and heals from wounds much faster than any human, and if it comes to it, she can move approximately 25 tons. She's immune to non-magical poisons and diseases, and the curse that could overcome her defenses would have to be wrought by a master magician.
  • Sword and Board: Her sword Angurvadal (Stream of Anguish) is inscribed with runes which glow with a soft silvery light at all times when unsheathed, and blazes bright when in battle. Her shield is said to be able to protect her from almost any attack. Her sword is on par with Adamantium armaments, and she is an expert combatant.
  • Tome of Fate: Runa is the Valkyrior record keeper, the closest thing they have to a scribe or librarian. The tome she carries with her is the Norse equivalent of the Book of the Dead, except it's not for bringing people back. It's all-knowing, and she can reference it if there's any confusion or debate about where a soul should go. However, reading the book is extremely taxing for her and she will avoid doing so if she doesn't have to. Typically she has the innate instinct to determine Hel or Valhalla for a soul, granted to her by virtue of her office, but if there is any question she can open the book and enter an oracular state. After reporting a fate from the book, Runa is incapacitated for about 24 hours, which is why she would never do so without at least one other Valkyrior present. Anyone else attempting to read the book would be struck permanently blind, and possibly go mad from the glimpse into the infinite.
  • Allspeak: While still speaking Asgardian, Runa is able to understand and be understood in any sentient, spoken language.
  • Translocation: Runa is capable of transferring herself to a purely astral state, at which point she can instantly travel to and from anywhere in any of the nine realms. This astral state also allows her to drift through battlefields untouched when she doesn't wish to effect the outcome of the battle. She's still visible as a ghostly image of herself, but cannot fight in any way.
  • Judgement: Runa has an unerring sense of guilt. When faced with the specific question of whether someone is guilty of a crime, she will know the answer.


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