{$actor} as Ryan Thomas Hardwick
Name: Ryan Thomas Hardwick
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: Fantastic Four
Codename: Hadron
Position: Position/Job Title/Rank
Hometown: Corvalis, Oregon
Partner(s): NA Height: 6'
Father: UNKNOWN! Weight: 180
Mother: Heather Hardwick Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: None Eye Color: Blue, very blue
Children: None


Outside of his somewhat unordinary state of being, he was also a very bright child. Awkward almost in his application of knowledge. He was done with gradeschool early enough that colleges were loathe to admit him so he spent time in his mother's lab assisting until his 15th birthday. For his sixteenth, he didn't get a car but a scholarship. At twenty, he'd graduated with a double major in physics and chemistry. By twenty two, he'd gotten a double masters in particle physics and physical chemistry. Then he started looking for his PhD. It all seemed to make sense. Onward and upward. Of course, he never did have much time for a social life.

Eternal. What does it mean to have the blood of gods flowing through your veins? To be the illegitimate son of an experiment of the Celestials. For Ryan, it didn't mean alot for the majority of his life. Heck, the concept of an Eternal still doesn't. He was raised by his mom with the story that his dad had died when he was young. Sure, he'd never gotten sick but that just meant he was healthy. Sure, he was stronger than he looked but a lot of people are. He ran track in high school and was fast and enduring. That isn't nearly as significant as what happened after the accident. He was running a particle experiment for his dissertation and got caught in the beam after a reflector failure. It wasn't a particularly strong beam but the wave of energy which washed over his form freaked him out. He could feel his body tearing itself apart and reforming simultaneously. He was sure he screamed. Dormant genes awakened. Now that he doesn't eat and doesn't sleep, he's trying to make sense of his extra time. Fighting crime seemed the natural thing to do but.. is that all there is in life?

What Ryan doesn't realize is that he has been infused with a seed of the Power Cosmic. What this means for him is that he's being watched by Powers That Be (The Celestials) and could very well be snuffed with the snap of their fingers if they don't like the way the experiment turns out. Other Cosmic beings of experience would obviously sense this power should they come into his presence and who knows how they'd react to him. Perhaps, some day, he may begin to dig deep and realize that he can transmute matter at will but today is not that day. Even then, it's doubtful that the Celestials would allow him to fully realize the Power within him. Or maybe his father will intervene on his behalf?

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  • Ryan has the power of Matter - Energy Transmutation. While still very new to his new existence, he's managed to accomplish the following effects:
  • Flight- By manipulating matter adjacent to him, he can generate localized combustion and propel himself at great speeds. Hovering in place is problematic at the moment as he's not yet mastered the art of flight. At present, he can sustain flight for about an hour at a stretch and achieve Mach 2 before exhaustion.
  • Particle Engine- Part of what fuels Ryan's existence is the fact that his body now feeds upon subatomic particles passing through the Earth. He no longer eats, sleeps, or breathes in any appreciable way as his body draws nourishment from passing neutrinos, muons and sundry. This also means he can survive in a vacuum.
  • Altered Self- Ryan is able to manipulate his own composition to make himself resilient to harm. This is largely reflexive so if he doesn't see it coming and isn't otherwise 'on guard' he could be seriously hurt by mundane attacks. While otherwise readied for combat, he could survive a mack truck running him over. Energy attacks are largely snack food and don't require 'bracing' but he's not invulnerable to them. He'd easily survive your average 'Death Ray' but a thermonuclear blast would vaporize him same as everyone else.
  • Super Strength- A combination of his father's DNA, transmuting his own musculature and being powered by subatomic energies makes Ryan incredibly strong. He's managed to lift a tank (approx 70 tons).


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