Diana Rigg
Diana Rigg as Tessa Valentine
Name: Tessa Valentine
Birthdate: 05/06/1936
Faction: X-Men
Codename: Sage
Position: Position/Job Title/Rank
Hometown: London, UK (claimed)
Partner(s): NA Height: 5'8"
Father: NA Weight: 135 lbs
Mother: NA Hair Color: Blue
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Blue
Children: NA


IC Events


  • Telepathy: Sage is an accomplished telepath. She can read thoughts, probe memories, project herself astrally and project realistic, though psychic illusions. Her psychic defenses are absolutely impenetrable - she is capable of reflecting any psychic attack or probe aimed at her, provided she has 'shut down' her telepathy beforehand. She can broadcast her own thoughts most of the way across a large city, such as London or New York, with little difficulty.
  • Computer Brain: Sage's brain is capable of processing large amounts of information at once at a nearly instantaneous level. As well, she has a photographic memory and can recall anything with perfect clarity. She is also capable of easily multitasking up to six different tasks at once and maintaining them all at the same time, with the same level of effort.
  • Genetic Analysis: Sage can detect the presence of mutants around her via the genome that separates mutants from baseline humans. She can detect mutants up to 2 miles away from her current location. When face to face with a mutant (or human in which the genome has not activated), she can 'read' the genome, discovering how it expresses itself in any particular mutant. Finally, Sage is able to further boost an already active mutant genome on a permanent basis - the results of which differs from person to person. (For obvious reasons, boosting powers is limited to plots and staff approval only)



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