Boris Kodjoe
Boris Kodjoe as Hans Ernst Walther
Name: Hans Ernst Walther
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: Superhero Team
Codename: Schwarzsteng
Position: Mechanic
Hometown: Waldleiningen, Germany
Partner(s): Martha Theiss (Deceased) Height: 9"0
Father: Richter Scherer (Birth Father, Deceased) Ernst Walther (Step-Father KIA) Weight: 440lbs
Mother: Erna Walther (Deceased) Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Elfriede Walther (Half-sister Deceased), Auguste Walther (Half-sister Deceased), Hermann Walther (Half-brother Deceased), Reinhold Walther (Half-brother Deceased), Andreas Scherer (Brother MIA) Eye Color: Brown
Children: Charlotte Walther (Daughter Deceased)


Hans is born on a farm, with two brothers and sisters in germany
Hans works with neighbor, and Doctor Richter, his unknown birth father, on a secret project to earn money for his parents.
Hans father is drafted near the start of the war, and dies in combat.
Hans is left to take care of the farm, raise his brothers and sisters, and also help the good doctors research into an ancient artifact.
The farm is accidentally bombed during conflict and Hans is left almost dead.
The doctor takes Hans and keeps him barely alive, before using him as a part of his own experiment.
Calling in a great deal of favors and working out of a hidden underground cellar with use of alien technology Richter, at the cost of the majority of Hans body, is able to save him.
Hans spends months getting used to his new body with help of the doctor, who passes away in the dead of night peacefully in his sleep.
Hans travels the country trying to find his place, all across Europe
When WWII starts Hans tries to outrun it but every time the war follows him.
Eventually he fights back taking unwilling part in a number of battles throughout the war.
As it ends he decides he's had his fill of Germany, and makes his way to America via boat.
Once in America he uses what little money he has to buy a cheap apartment in the worst part of New York, and makes a living working on cars for the gangs.

IC Events


  • Being rebuilt as a somewhat crude cyborg has its perks. Thanks to the efforts of the good doctor Schwarzsteng receives the following benefits:
  • The optics in his right eye while a crude replacement only able to see in black and white allow him to see in complete darkness.
  • His mostly robotic organs allow him to filter out most any toxin, from alcohol to mustard gas.
  • Though crude by the modern standards of the sixties the metal replacements of his arms and legs are able to withstand multiple strikes from rounds as large as .50 caliber.
  • Thanks to his new body Schwarzsteng is able to lift and throw a great deal of weight up to 30 tonnes however he can't use that same strength for punching or dealing direct damage, and while he can lift that much it takes a good deal of effort and time.
  • Thanks to the construction of his legs schwarzsteng is able to leap small distances, up to a maximum of 30 feet, though there is a chargeup time between jumps.
  • His robotic body allows him to run at full efficiency on hours worth of sleep, and has greatly enhanced his endurance to almost that of a machine, while deadening his pain receivers.
  • Thanks to its function as a full life support system Walther ages at a drastically reduced rate.


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