Guy Pearce
Guy Pearce as Terrance Walker
Name: Terrance Walker
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: Brotherhood
Codename: Silencer
Position: Member, Mercenary
Hometown: Kimberley, WA, Australia
Partner(s): Muriel (divorced) Height: 6'0"
Father: NA Weight: 210lbs
Mother: NA Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Brown
Children: Emily (daughter)


Born in the mid-twenties, Terry Walker came from a rather dysfunctional family that lived in Kimberly, Western Australia. 'Normal' for him didn't appear that different from 'normal' for anyone else. His father was a former soldier, injured in the line of duty (WW2), and then went from one job to another; his mother worked day and night, and Terry continually got into fights at school.

His was not the only family with such issues. Anyone who grew up during the depression — not to mention the war — knew exactly the same hardship.

When his abilities first revealed themselves, it made life much more complicated. Terry began absorbing sound-waves at random, rendering himself deaf and mute. His parents couldn't find the right kind of treatment for him (they didn't know he was a mutant, at first), and even lessons in sign-language and lip-reading were expensive. Terry's situation went from bad to worse when the latter half of his powers — telekinesis — manifested uncontrollably, and he did damage to his primary school (elementary). Thus, when representatives of the government came calling — doctors and scientists with impressive titles and apparently an understanding of Terry's 'illness'…

Mum and Dad said 'yes'.

Of course the organisation was military-funded.

After intensive training, Walker was assigned missions across the country, and even internationally. His primary objective was to root out Communist threats against the country, while at the same time looking for other powered individuals for study. Walker: A.K.A. 'Silencer' now, proved very good at his job.

On leave in America, he fell quickly in love with — and married — a woman named Muriel. The marriage only lasted weeks, but that was plenty of time for Muriel to become pregnant with a child. She didn't tell Terry; he did not find out he was a father until some years later. Also while in America he made contact with other people like him — mutants, but those who had managed to make a living without a government or military official 'holding the leash', so to speak.

He quit the military. Deserted. Sick of being told what to do, he left.

He was caught. Terry, now a man in his early thirties, spent the next few years in a prison — heavily drugged, in a soundproof room to diminish his powers as much as possible. He could never recall much about his time there, thanks to the drugs, only that he wanted to see his baby girl — Emily — again… and see what life was like for those who threw off their shackles.

When he eventually did escape, he left for the United States and sought out the 'brotherhood' — of mutants, just as he — to join. There is plenty of work for a skilled mercenary, and the Brotherhood has an agenda he actually likes. He is no idealist — or at least does not think of himself as such — or extremist. A man's gotta do, what a man's gotta do.

Might as well make a dent.

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Anechoic Field

Terry Walker manipulates an anechoic field, which absorbs soundwaves from any source around him, whether to merely 'steal someone's voice', soundproof a conversation or blanket a stadium in silence. There are limits. He can keep low-level sounds muted for days without trouble (consequently, he seldom makes any noise as he does things). Constant, very loud noises are harder to keep silent (i.e. he could mute a jet engine for a few minutes at most, and the same goes for effecting larger areas — like a stadium).

  • Walker's precision with this ability is extremely accurate. He does not have to render everything around him mute (e.g. he could allow people to still talk, while silencing everything else, or merely affect one person and no other). Affecting players would require consent.


Walker's psionic abilities are tied directly to his anechoic field. All the sonic energy he aborbs is immediately converted into telekinesis, allowing him to perform feats with his mind. Since the field is always active (to a minor degree, like muting his footsteps), Walker always some minimal telekinetic powers at his command (moving small objects at close range etc).

  • Magnitude - In order to move anything big (such as lifting/throwing a car — at most, depending on the car), Walker would have to blanket an area in silence, or take the sound from one, typically loud source. Generally, he could knock a door in, or bludgeon someone with the energy taken from a single conversation (i.e. "I can kill you with your own voice." As he once told someone).
  • Louder the Better - Walker likes the city; there is always plenty of noise for him to absorb and use. Sticking him in a very quiet place would limit his abilities. He does have somewhat enhanced hearing, but mainly from training, rather than super-powers.



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