Mister Sinister
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Actor Name as Nathaniel Essex
Name: Nathaniel Essex
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: Superhero Team
Codename: Mister Sinister
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Hometown: Hometown
Partner(s): NA Height: 6'5"
Father: NA Weight: 285 lbs
Mother: NA Hair Color: Black
Siblings: NA Eye Color: Red
Children: NA


Nathaniel Essex was born to a life of privilege in England, just before the start of the Victorian age. Gifted and intellectual, he pursued science even as a youth, pinning butterflies and collecting leaves. Some others, even then, noticed the boy's lack of empathy, his utter ruthlessness in pursuit of knowledge. It would only grow worse.

After seeing members of his family begin to die, Nathaniel became obsessed with immortality. He started going down arcane pathways of science, experimenting with corpses. By the time he'd left college, he'd earned the kind of reputation among his colleagues that would make a Frankenstein blush. But, handsome and wealthy, he was able to pursue a life as a gentleman scientist. But it was never enough for him. He obsessed over the smallest grey hairs and hated, hated the very idea of death. That his immense genius might be wasted, turn into dust or forced to serve some hollow god in a pointless afterlife. He wanted better.

Essex's experiments lead to his early discovery of DNA and, eventually, the attempt to awaken superhuman potential in himself. The transformations that came about, which would only grow eerier and more intricate as time passed, began to develop him superhuman abilities, as well as alter his appearance. In time, he went underground, controlling his fortune from afar and focusing on his studies.

With the emergence of mutants and superhumans, he began to acquire samples where he could, of flesh and bone and hair, to examine and catalogue. He gave himself more abilities and infiltrated society, seeking out those who thought themselves better. During World War II, he crossed lines to work with the Germans, helping them turn their concentration camps into places of scientific nightmares and torment.

Now, Sinister waits in the shadows. Forming his network of Marauders, he seeks an opportunity to seize more power and to find other leverage to control. He's got samples from mutants young and old, subject to experimentation, cloning and worse. In time, he'll find a use for all of it - and the world will be a darker place for it.

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  • Telepathy: Sinister is a formidable telepath, capable of broadcasting and reading the thoughts of others. He can force his will on others, seizing control, or cast complex illusions. He's become especially adept at brainwashing and subliminal control, making others do his bidding without ever knowing they're his agents. He can repress and rewrite their memories to his purposes. The longer he's around someone, the greater chance he can influence them and make them into his pawns.
  • Shapeshifting: Essex can shift his physical form, including his clothes, into the shape of anything or anyone of relatively similar mass. His basic skin tone, physical aspects, shape and even species can be varied. He can disguise himself utterly as an ordinary person should he so desire, although, of course, underneath he's anything but.
  • Regeneration: Both Sinister's shapeshifting and regenerative powers stem from incredible control over his own body and DNA at a cellular level. He heals most wounds almost instantaneously, making him extraordinarily difficult to seriously wound or kill. Even severed limbs can be restored in a matter of hours or days. While there are likely limits to how much punishment he can take, he's lost up to a third of his body mass and managed to regenerate and recover.
  • Energy Blasts: Sinister has the capacity to channel a form of psychokinetic energy to make blasts of destructive force. These blasts have the concussive power of a few sticks of dynamite, capable of blowing through brick walls or knocking even superhuman strongmen to their knees. He can project these blasts either through the diamond on his forehead or through his hands in an offensive capacity.
  • Physicality: Sinister's strength, dexterity and stamina all far exceed the human norm. Strengthwise, he can lift around a ton of physical weight at a deadlift. He reacts twice as fast as a normal human and can maintain physical activities over long periods of time.
  • Immortality: Sinister is extremely long-lived, already over 100 years old. He's immune to all terrestrial diseases and poisons, never gets sick and does not physically age.


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