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Actor Name as Koriand'r
Name: Koriand'r
Birthdate: {$birthdate}
Faction: Superhero Team
Codename: Starfire
Position: Alien Princess
Hometown: The Planet Tamaran
Partner(s): NA Height: 6'2"
Father: Myand'r Weight: {$weight}
Mother: Luand'r Hair Color: Orangey Red
Siblings: Komand'r , Eye Color: Green
Children: NA


Starfire was born on the planet Tamaran and was second in line to the throne. In the first few years of her life her older sister developed a medical condition which, according to custom, meant that Koriand'r became next in line to the throne. Her people had long been at war and so she was taught from a young age the arts of diplomacy, strategy and rulership.

Once she had reached the age of ten she was sent to train under the Warlords of Okaara along with her older sister. There she learnt the ways of philosophy and war. Gradually the resentment her older sister felt, after losing her place as heir to the throne, grew until one day she snapped and tried to kill Starfire during a sparring exercise. She failed and was banished, swearing revenge. Kori remained on Okaara until she was sixteen and was deemed to be fully trained and ready to continue her education back on Tamaran.

A few months had passed after her return home while she re-accustomed herself to court life, but then tragedy struck. Her older sister had sold out her planet to the Tamaraneans enemy, an empire known as the Citadel. Her parents were faced with a choice, send Starfire to the Citadel as a slave and become vassals to the Citadel or face complete destruction. With the planets defenses compromised they had little choice but to submit.

The people of the Citadel sold Starfire to a race called the Psions, known widely for carrying out cruel experiments upon sentient test subjects, and was subject to years of tests to determine just what the limits of her innate ability to consume energy were. Around her eighteenth birth something changed within Starfire, she found she could concentrate the energy within herself and emit it in blasts and beams. Using this new-found ability she broke free from captivity and escaped from the facility leaving a trail of destruction and fire in her wake.

Unable to return home Koriand'r travelled through space aimlessly for some time until one day her communications device picked up a melody coming from a distant planet. The planet in question was far from the places the Psions or the Citadel might think to look, so she decided she would make it her new home. It took months of travel to get there but eventually she arrived at the planet Earth.

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  • Alien Physiology: Due to her alien physiology Starfire is able to withstand extreme temperatures and environments, from the vacuum of space to the heat of atmospheric re-entry, without injury. She very rarely needs to consume food and gains most of her energy/nutrition by absorbing radiation through her skin. Although she does eat and drink for pleasure. Tamaraneans will typically live at least four hundred years but can live much longer. They don't tend to suffer any age related issues until they have passed four hundred years. She is highly resistant to mundane diseases which would affect a human (although she has no special immunity to more alien diseases) and recovers from injury at a slightly faster rate. As she is not Human many things which are considered drugs or poisons by Humans either do not affect her or affect her differently while some things which are harmless to Humans can affect her as they act as drugs of poisons. (Although this does not provide any protection against drugs/compounds which are considered to be character powers)
  • Linguistic assimilation: Starfire is able to learn languages by skin contact with living beings. The process generally takes a few seconds, but may require longer for exceptional complex languages. This does not guarantee she is able to speak the language as some alien languages require telepathy, pheromones etc
  • Flight: Like most members of her race Starfire is able to fly, both in and out of a planets atmosphere. She can easily obtain mach 3 within an atmosphere and can reach mach 4 with effort (in the same way a regular person might sprint). Outside of an atmosphere she can gradually accelerate up to speeds that let her travel between star systems.
  • Superhuman Strength: As a Tamaranean Starfire is much stronger than a regular Human. She can lift thirty tons with ease (and still be able to fly) or forty tons with some strain (but is unable to fly while doing so).
  • Superhuman Durability: Starfire can punch through steel plate without injury, shrug off most Human made man-portable weapons and generally take a lot of punishment. She's extremely hard to injure with any temperature related attacks and totally immune to any radiation based attacks (which actually make her stronger as she consumes the energy).
  • Energy Manipulation: After she was experimented on by aliens known as the Psion Starfire gained the ability to project energy from her hands and eyes. Blasts from her hands tend to be fist sized bolts that can blast through steel and concrete while her eyes project narrow beams that have a similar power but applied continuous to a much smaller area. She can also encase her fists in energy to increase her striking power. Her energy blasts, regardless of type, appear green in colour.


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