Doctor Strange
Benedict Cumberbatch
Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Stephen Strange
Name: Dr. Stephen Strange
Birthdate: 11/08/1925 (39, perpetually 35 due to defeating Death)
Faction: Mystics / Superhero Team
Codename: Doctor Strange
Position: Sorcerer Supreme
Hometown: New York, New York
Partner(s): Wanda Maximoff Height: 6' 2"
Father: Eugene Strange (deceased) Weight: 180 lbs (82 kg)
Mother: Beverly Strange (deceased) Hair Color: Black (silvered around temples)
Siblings: Donna Strange (deceased), Victor Strange (deceased) Eye Color: Grey-blue
Children: Billy ('Dimples') and Tommy (TBD). Technically Vic ('Serendipity').


His birth in 1925, occurring during his parent's vacation to Pennsylvania, seemed to set his life's standard as "unpredictable". His younger sister was born two years later and his youngest brother born seven years after this. Strange, as the oldest, felt a sense of protective duty to his siblings. His interest in medicine began at the age of 11 after he helped his sister through a minor injury, though it meant nothing when, during a summer vacation at home from pre-medical school, a 19 year-old Strange was unable to save Donna from drowning. Thus began his downward spiral of disillusion towards his medical career.

After earning his medical degree from Columbia University and completing a five-year residency at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Strange became quite egotistical in his rapid successes. The loss of his mother during this time continued to fuel his growing disappointment in himself. By the age of 28, he was hailed as a world-class neurosurgeon with all of the wealth the job brings in. His materialism, combined with his ego, led Strange to value the price of each surgery over the mantra of "doing no harm" and saving lives. Any romance he had during this time was quickly terminated due to his hubris. The loss of his father and his inability to be present during the man's dying brought him into conflict with his younger brother. Their relationship ended in a fight and Victor's death when he ran into the street. Strange, unable to process the loss of his final family member, became even more withdrawn from society.

Around three years after the death of his brother, Strange was involved in a car accident that left his hands permanently scarred and with severe nerve damage that resulted in constant shivering. This ended his illustrious career as a neurosurgeon. After becoming near-penniless through his ineffective search for a cure to the trembling, he bought a last ticket to Nepal, home of the Ancient One. While the Ancient One had mystical sorcery beyond comprehension, there was no offer of a cure, but instead an offer to Strange to be trained in the Mystic Arts. After coming into confrontation with the Ancient One's apprentice, Mordo, Strange accepted the offer and became pupil to the Ancient One.

It took Strange many years to learn of the Mystic Arts, to gain access his instinctive use of such powers, and to acquire knowledge of the interdimensional deities of the universes, such as the Vishanti. After a contest verses Death itself, Strange earned his immortality and the title of "Sorcerer Supreme". He traveled back to New York, where he now resides in his manor, the "Sanctum Sanctorum", in Greenwich Village.

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